Saturday, November 29, 2008

Meme from KC

It's been forever since I was tagged for a bloggy thing.  This time it was one of my oldest (not in the OLD sense, just in the forever sense) friends, KC.  I've known KC since we were in junior high and dressed the same together at church camp in the summer time.  We've shared crushes on boys, had crazy nights with the girls at my parents' house when we were younger ("come on, I just wanna take out one fish and watch it flop around for a little bit!"), ups and downs, but this is a girl who jumped on a plane at the very hint that my life had hit a bad point.  See?  I do have great friends....

On to the tagging:
1.  Clothes Shop
I buy most of my work clothes at Express.  I love Banana too.  And I have two shirts from Anthropologie that I always get compliments on.

2.  Furniture Shop
Costco Home Store!  

3.  Sweet
Pumpkin stuff this time of years, a clean dog, and a thoughtful husband.

4.  City
Mesa.  Lived here my whole life, and I don't think I'll ever be anywhere else.  :-)  But to visit?  Bath, UK of course.  It's one of my favorite places in the world.

5.  Drink
Shot and a beer!

6.  Music
Funk, Beatles, Barenaked Ladies, Crosby Stills & Nash, Broadway show tunes...

7.  TV Series
Lord.  I watch too much TV.  Heroes, Grey's, Ugly Betty, Ghost Whisperer, Chuck, Top Chef, Psych, I could go on...

8.  Film
Goonies is my fave of all time.  Guilty favorite:  Ever After.  In general:  comedies when Ryan's home, chick flicks when he's not

9.  Workout
At least 4 time a week at the gym.  Cardio and weights.  Also walk the dogs lots.

10.  Pastries. 
Love to bake them, try to ignore them

11.  Coffee
Ick.  But if Ryan's having some, I'll get something like a non-fat latte, and this morning I had a pumpkin latte from Coffee Bean (Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is TOOOO sweet)

Since I'm not in the 'blogging world' any more, I'm not even sure who I would tag.  Let's just let it die with me, shall we?

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Raining Men...

... but not in that "hey look at all the sexy guys!" kind of way.  Ha!  This is a post about the men I work with.  And I do work with a lot of men.  Most days I only get a glimpse of a woman or two in the ladies room.  Shoes under the stall door.  Those are the women I know at my company.  

Today though, I saw a woman.  But not just any woman, this young-looking thing dressed like she was going to a club in Scottsdale.  In MY workplace.  Filled with men.  Engineers.  I cover up as much as possible and when I go to the store, anything that pulls even a teeny bit in the boobage area, it's out.  And here's this woman.  Let me describe:  teeny dress w/ a top that sort of wrapped around the important areas.  I assume there were no sleeves, but it was hard to tell because I think she was cold.  She was wearing a coat with a huge fur collar in the office.  But wait, there's more!  The shoes!  Super tall stilettos in an oh so professional leopard print. They were AWESOME.  But I swear, there's MORE.  I asked around, and she's a manager.  Of people!  Wow. 

Back to the men.  Most men in general don't notice things that are important to women.  After being at the United Way for 3 months, I got used to someone noticing my shoes.  Or a new pair of earrings.  It makes a girl want to wear nice things when people notice.  But at my work?  I could chop 10 inches off my hair, and they might not notice.  So today I wore a brand new pair of yummy shoes, all tall and brown with an adorable buckle, and no one noticed.  So I told them I had new shoes, and that they're supposed to ohh and ahhh, and because they're awesome, they did just that the rest of the day.  My guys are great.

Which is why I have to take care of them!  So tomorrow I organized a Fall Food Fest.  We do food spectaculars a few times a year, but this is going to be a good one.  I even got decorations!  It's going to be great.  Well, as long as I can keep an eye on the double-dippers and hoverers.  

I hope you're all having a nice, short week of work!  Almost time to do the requisite "What I'm Thankful For" post.  Contrary to how sad I've been the last few months, I have so much to be thankful for.  So let's practice.  Here's one thing I'm thankful for:  my coworkers.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Mammoth Men

If you're looking for a totally interesting new site to obsess over, try the Mammoth Men.  I'm currently obsessed.  They're 12 portrait photographers on one of their trips in a big ass bus traveling around the SW together.  I'm just amazed by not only their amazing talent, but how starkly different their styles are.  I'm especially stuck on their White Sands stop.  And, um, the flag football underwear game.  :-)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Holidays and birthdays

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  But is it OK if I don't want to do it this year?  Of course I'm going to because I have this huge guilty conscience and I could never in a million years call my family to tell that I'm not coming.  Even though my family is not the happiest or even remotely sane, I still know I'll go no matter how much I would just rather DVR the Macy's Day Parade and watch it over and over again from my comfy bed while stuffing my face with all things pumpkin.  Ah well.  

I'm back to my "real" job.  I miss the United Way so much I can't tell you.  I'm not usually a "woe is me" person, but this last week I've been trying really hard to talk myself into being positive about my future.  I'm an engineer.  I chose to do it.  Went to school knowing full well that's what I was going to do.  So here I am, and I will figure out a way to make this a good career.  I will do it.  But just like a million other things in my life, this hurts because I know that if my mom was here, I could call her and talk it through.  

My brother's birthday was this week.  He's 27 and he is so independent, and he's still one of my best friends.  He had a really hard time on his birthday, and I wish I could have made that go away.  He called my mom's cell  phone to hear her voice, but my dad had changed the greeting.  My mom is feeling more gone every day. 

But not completely!  When he told me he'd done that, I told him that I still have a message from her savaged from last Fall.  I don't know why I kept saving it all this time, but I feel so lucky to have it.  So even though I can't call my mom, I know I can always hear her voice telling me how happy she is because the doctor called to tell her she was in remission.  And I like her sounding happy.  So I forwarded it to Kevin, and he has it too.  Amazing the small things that make it feel a little better....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jobs Galore!

I'm having the best week!  Not only am I celebrating an awesome three months helping out at the United Way, but next week I'm starting a brand new job at my company with a boss that I love.  I've never had a really great boss before.  I work for a great company, but it's an old company with old guys running it.  I may not be taking a step up in pay, or in excitement, but I figured that with my life the way it is, I deserve a really good, friendly group with a good boss.  This Friday they're even having a happy hour so I can meet my group and my boss' boss from Philadelphia.  Great, right?  It's so amazing having a group truly excited to have me coming to work with them.

Let's see, what else?  I went to a community theatre production of 7 Brides for 7 Brothers with my brother on Monday.  I'm a bit of a theatre snob, I admit it, so I went into it with no hope of it being worth my time.  Amazingly, it was impressive. Not so impressive:  Adam (the male lead) was 29 years old, and his female lead was a senior in high school.  And they made out half the play.  Uncomfortable!  

I'm in full photography swing with last week's lovely wedding, a wedding this weekend, and many referrals for Christmas photos.  I don't advertise, so I am eternally grateful to friends and clients who refer other people.  Love it!  I don't charge much because I don't NEED to do this second job, you know, but I love doing it and I'm so appreciative for the fact that such wonderful clients have come into my life.  In 3 weeks I'm doing an amazing party for disabled children and their families at the Zoo.  They get to hang out with Santa, and I'm lucky enough to get to capture it for their parents. 

I leave you with photos: 

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Life, such as it is

I'm feeling pretty good these days. Life's back to normal, but different. Ya know? One good thing that's come out of it is that my mom's friends... well, they're now mine. I just got home from my mom's best friend's house where I had the best dinner. They're so sweet and I'm so glad that not only will they be in my life even though my mom's gone, now I'm not just my mom's daughter. I'm their friend. Between you and me, I think Carol (that's the best friend) feels a little excited to have a girl in her life. She's got two sons. :-)

I'm also back to my other job. Photography. My partner and I aren't advertising anymore, but we still get weddings. I did one last night for the sister of one of my girlfriends. Man, weddings are exhausting. I've got a week of editing ahead of me, and another wedding this weekend. Then it's holiday party time! I've been asked to do a few of those also. Wanna see a picture from last night? Check out these rings:

Besides being back to semi-normal, regular life means the holidays are coming up. I HATE the thought of the holidays. Thanksgiving is my favorite, but that's because my mom cooks all my favorite foods. Her cousin from California is coming. I love this lady, but after 7 years of my being married to Ryan, she still doesn't know my last name. So I'm having a really hard time getting excited about Thanksgiving in general, you know? And I sorta think I shouldn't feel guilty about that. But my sense of family obligation is too strong to allow me to wriggle out of it. When really, I just want to sit at home with my husband and shut out the world that day. Then there's Christmas.... *sigh* I just want to cancel all holidays this year, and I would, but my dad is insisting despite my pleas to not do them. Anyway...

The United Way gig is up on Friday. BUT, just last week I interviewed at got a new job. In my same company, but a totally new group. After this, life is not the same. My whole life is different. My family, my job, my clothes (I inherited quite the classy wardrobe)... Just trying to keep it together.

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