Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jobs Galore!

I'm having the best week!  Not only am I celebrating an awesome three months helping out at the United Way, but next week I'm starting a brand new job at my company with a boss that I love.  I've never had a really great boss before.  I work for a great company, but it's an old company with old guys running it.  I may not be taking a step up in pay, or in excitement, but I figured that with my life the way it is, I deserve a really good, friendly group with a good boss.  This Friday they're even having a happy hour so I can meet my group and my boss' boss from Philadelphia.  Great, right?  It's so amazing having a group truly excited to have me coming to work with them.

Let's see, what else?  I went to a community theatre production of 7 Brides for 7 Brothers with my brother on Monday.  I'm a bit of a theatre snob, I admit it, so I went into it with no hope of it being worth my time.  Amazingly, it was impressive. Not so impressive:  Adam (the male lead) was 29 years old, and his female lead was a senior in high school.  And they made out half the play.  Uncomfortable!  

I'm in full photography swing with last week's lovely wedding, a wedding this weekend, and many referrals for Christmas photos.  I don't advertise, so I am eternally grateful to friends and clients who refer other people.  Love it!  I don't charge much because I don't NEED to do this second job, you know, but I love doing it and I'm so appreciative for the fact that such wonderful clients have come into my life.  In 3 weeks I'm doing an amazing party for disabled children and their families at the Zoo.  They get to hang out with Santa, and I'm lucky enough to get to capture it for their parents. 

I leave you with photos: 


Anonymous SunnyInspiration said...

I love the theater! Fun, fun! Congrats on the new job! And, lovely wedding pics. That's great that you have this side business! ~D

7:38 AM  
Blogger African Kelli said...

Holy gorgeous. She looks fantastic! Nice work. And, I am so glad to hear you are having a great week. You deserve about a billion of those at this point.
Universe, take note.

7:55 AM  
Anonymous grace said...

good luck with the new job! i'm a theatre snob too, of course i went to school for it so i have a right to be, or at least that's my excuse :)

9:22 AM  

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