Monday, February 25, 2008

So much life, so little time

This is starting to become habit. Once a month blogging. I know, its pathetic. The problem is I just feel like there's so many other things to do. Like eat. And yoga. And catch 5 minutes with my husband... I know my life is far less complicated then a lot of people's lives (its been pointed out to me when I've whined lately about my life...) but sometimes I just get so caught up in the doing of things and the wishing things were just a little bit.. I don't know, better...

Not that I'm all self-fulfilling-prophesying with my feeling sad about Ryan's schedule, but really, its worse. I get that I complain about it, but seriously! For almost 4 years now I've been a good firefighter wife, hardly complaining about not seeing my husband half the time, even saying I ENJOY my 'me' time. That's nuts. I miss my husband...

I'm especially broody this week because Ryan's off on a hunting trip with the boys. And a very small part of me feels like I earn my time with him for putting up with the 24 hour shifts, so shouldn't I get that time off with him? But 'ryan time' is important too. I know that. But sometimes that quest to be the cool understanding wife is tough. I wish he was here.

OK, since I've neglected this page for far too long, how about a pictorial update to cut to the chase. Hold onto your hats....

We bought a tent trailer!! The first thing we did when we bought it (used, but only taken out 4 times) was drive it home, set it up in the driveway, and order pizza from it. We then gracefully tipped it over because we forgot we hadn't put down supports on one side.

We took it to Mexico:

Where the dogs saw the ocean for the first time. What the picture below doesn't capture is how terrified Miss Karma was of the 2 inch tall waves that the ocean threw at her...

And in Mexico I perfected my long exposure picture taken prowess to capture some bioluminescence. (Don't worry, I had to search the internet for why the water glowed when a wave broke). See how the long exposure lets you look right under the water?! So cool... Anyway, 30 second exposure in the dark of the night.

Here's two puppies looking for beach glass:

And the beach glass haul is below. Beach glass is the only upside to drunk Americans throwing their beer bottles onto the beach or hurling them into the ocean. A few months later and they're in my pocket destined to be joined with beach glass from Florida and New York at my house. Beach glass is also the only reason I can get Ryan to stroll on the beach. He always needs a purpose. :-)

Did I mention that it was freezing in Rocky Point last weekend? And that the bar was empty so we were left to entertain ourselves in the new tent trailer?

One more Mexico picture...

What else have we been up to? Well, photo gigs like crazy (two weddings this weekend!), and of course just enjoying the gorgeous Arizona winter...

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