Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Two days in a row folks!

So I started this business, right? I mean we're serious about it, but not so serious that we're going to book weddings every weekend. But here's the problem: the second I got my business cards I started to think about photography differently. I swore I wouldn't. I mean I LOVE taking pictures. But this taking pictures of things that aren't what I want to take pictures of? I'm really, really afraid I did myself in. I just thought it was going to be a way to make money to buy more camera toys, but I think I'm going to have to try hard not to get wrapped up in the photo-for-hire thing. It SHOULD be fun.

In an effort to get back on creative track, I'm instituting a picture-a-day policy for the month of November. And that does not include any jobs I do for money.

But why wait until November when I've got something so yummy to take pictures of today? As I type the smell of pumpkin chocolate chip bread is filling the house. The guys at my work call me The Event Coordinator, and part of my 'job' is to organize team building events at work. Tomorrow is our Ghoulish Gruel party. Our Fall Festival of Food. To celebrate the season everyone's bringing Fall or Halloween inspired food. Yum, right?

In atpanda news: Ryan and I have spent the better part of the last week stressed about his job. Not to get into details because the situation is a bit touchy right now, I'll say that the city Ryan works in has asked his department to leave post haste. Ryan's job is in limbo. Out of the blue. Everyone's shocked and scared. I'm trying not to freak out, but its a scary time. That said its quite possible that this could actually go really right in the next week. The city may decide they need more bodies and pull some of Ryan's guys over. If that happens, Ryan's long-term goal of getting on with them will come true! If not.... well, I don't know...

My girlfriend Kel told me this weekend that she didn't think people understood the sacrifice that firefighter families make. I've gotta tell you, while I appreciate beyond saying that one of my friends would say such a supportive thing, I realized that I've really stopped thinking of it as a sacrifice. Our life is good as part of the firefighter family. But the fact that this has happened? Well, it makes me really sad. That the city would just throw these guys aside? I sure hope they prove me wrong and do the right thing.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Tri me!

Hey all!
Its been forever, but the last few weeks have been a blur of getting my photo business off the ground, including one weekend where I did two weddings and a high school reunion. Yikes! Post-processing alone took me the whole next week, and my poor trigger finger was sore for days. But we're doing great, and having fun while we're at it.
This last weekend I was a bachelorette as Ryan was off on a trip with friends. I had the Jeep ALL to myself in the gorgeous AZ fall weather. Such as it is. And, I committed yesterday completely to supporting Miss AfricanKelli at her half Ironman. She ROCKED it. Check out a few of my pictures here.
Here's my favorite of her mentally preparing for the race. Notice she's the only one hard core enough to brave the lake water without a wetsuit. Go Kel!!

Hope you're all well! I'll check back in again this week with all things photography, fall baking, chaos and possibly good or terrible news about Ryan's job, and Ryan's upcoming b-day this weekend!

C ya!

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