Thursday, November 05, 2009

Ellis Family - Phoenix, Gilbert Family Photographer

Man oh man, so much for keeping up on my blogging. I read so often about how networking (including blogging) is so important for a small business, but blogging on a regular basis is so much easier said then done. I do READ blogs on a daily basis, and I get so much inspiration from other photographers who do happen to blog on a daily basis. One of those people is Jasmine Star. She's so compelling, her pictures are breathtaking, and there's days where I laugh out loud at the things she writes. One of the things that keeps me coming back to her blog is the fact that she combines business with real life in her writing.

My blog used to be only my personal life, and I've noticed that even my Flickr account, which used to be all photos of things I wanted to take pictures of, is filled with work now. Don't get me wrong, how could I not love doing photography as a job when I get to photograph families like this:

But this, actually, is a case where work meets my real life. I'm so lucky that most of my clients are people I know in one shape or another. I think that's what makes this job so much fun! This particular family is one I've known for a long time...

OK, truthfully I haven't known this little guy for a long time, but I knew his parents before they started dating! When I was younger I went to church camp every summer, and most winter breaks too. Julie (Jack's mom) was one of my best girlfriends back then. And by 'back then' I mean junior high!

Of the friends I had when I was young, Julie was the first to find her life's love. I remember Jeremy as being thoughtful and a little quiet, but totally brilliant. He was the perfect match for Julie who is so sweet and kind. The result is Jack.... who has such an amazingly zen personality. This little guy is full of chatter, but he's completely well behaved and an angel. Not to mention the fact that he's pretty easy to take gorgeous pictures of.

Thanks Ellis family! It was so much fun getting to know Jack and to spend time with you two again. Can't wait to do it again when Jack's a little older!


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