Monday, September 07, 2009

10 Years!

10 years ago this Labor Day Weekend, I met my husband.

A few weeks prior, my roommates and I showed up at our very first apartment to move in. My mom was with us when we came into the parking lot, and slow-mo, just like in a movie, we drove past a red Mustang with two good looking guys getting out of it. They were fresh from the gym and oh so yummy. Even my mom, with a twinge of nostalgia in her voice, said, "Hmmm, you guys are going to have a good time here!"

I asked around and found out that on the other side of my building, there were 4 guys living together. Ryan, Ryan, Jeff and Craig. I had no idea which was which, but I had my eye on the one with the Mustang. He was so good looking, and a musician to boot. Saxophone.

Labor Day weekend, all the ya-yas came up for a visit. When we were younger, we were trouble. OK, sometimes we're still trouble, but back then!

Us girls had just come back from somewhere, and as we pulled into the parking lot, I saw the Mustang guy sitting in the parking lot with instrument cases at his feet, waiting for a ride. The girls dared me. Egged me on. So I did it. I walked up to him.

"Are you Ryan, Ryan, Jeff or Craig?" Ryan. Oh he was painfully cute up close. I asked if he and his roommates were around that night because we were having a party. He said he'd ask the guys, maybe see us later.

We went about our day, and I was so nervous that he wouldn't come. I was nervous that he WOULD come. That night people started showing up to the teeny apartment. We may have played Twister. The downstairs neighbors called the police. Shit. There were only 3 of us there who were 21, me included. So those drunkards thought it was brilliant to all shove into my shower together to hide. The other two 21 year olds (jerks) stood just out of view of the cops, doing body shots off each other while I promised the police no more Twister.

As I'm talking to the police, I see a movement behind them. Ryan, and his similarly under 21 year-old roommate, came around the corner of their building holding a case of Corona. They stopped in their tracks at the sight of the police, and went back the way they came. No! I was devastated. I wouldn't get my chance to talk to the boy after all.

But, he did come back. And he was a little quiet, but there was something.... And then he asked to look through my CD collection. He liked what he saw. Miles Davis, John Coltrane.... in fact, a John Coltrane he didn't have, and he asked to borrow it. Thank goodness for that jazz history class I took!

After that, it was slow going, it took 4 months for us to actually start dating. But we've been together ever since, and it feels like it's flown by and it couldn't possibly be 10 years. Can't wait for the next 10!

Here's the first picture of the two of us ever, taken that night. Obviously, this was taken toward the END of the night. We're the two on the right. We've changed in 10 years! :-)


Anonymous FireMom said...


7:16 PM  
Anonymous SunnyInspiration said...

So cute! What a great "meeting" story! (I can't imagine being with someone for TEN years! Good for you two!)

9:45 AM  
Anonymous E said...

I love "where it all began" stories. Congrats on 10 great years!

8:07 AM  
Blogger Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Thanks for your comment on my last post. I would have you over for dinner in a second if I could! :) I love meeting other firefighter wives.

Thanks for the tips on photographing the family. I sort of gave up because it was getting so discouraging. i looked at your other blog. You are very good! It makes me want to spend the money to get professional pictures of the family. Maybe when we get our tax returns?

My photos probably make professionals cringe! LOL! I scrapbook when I can. I have always wanted to take a photography class at the community college. I have a fascination with it, but with six kids under 11, I think that will have to wait awhile. In the meantime, I will study the unique angles that professionals like you, seem to have.

I liked this story on how you met your firefighter.

Also, I want to start following your blog!


7:11 AM  

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