Monday, July 27, 2009

Here's some squishy baby pics!

We've been busy this summer, which seems to be going around in the blog world. We've gone camping a few times, just got back from Vegas, I got a promotion at work, Ryan got accepted to paramedic school (he started today!)... Lots of stuff! Sprinkled in there are some good meals, hanging out with good friends, and basically trying to survive the heat. Here in Phoenix people tend to hide out in the summer time. So that's what I claim! Hiding out means no blogging! :-)

But here I am with a few minutes for posting, and what should I dedicate it to? How the population of Vegas is single-handedly keeping plastic surgeons in business (omg the boobies!)? How the dogs and I ran into a rattlesnake on our walk last week? How awesome my 31st b-day was last week? Neh, why talk about any of that stuff when I could share sweet baby pics with you!

I took these in June for one of my Ya-Yas. Ryan and I met this little girl when she was only 2 hours old and I think I'm in love. At just over a month old now she's very sweet tempered and just starting to figure out the world. And her parents? I don't know if I've ever seen any two people take to parenthood so naturally. I give you the brand new family of three.

Pretty sweet family, huh? If you or someone you know is looking for a photographer for baby pictures, family pictures, weddings, anything!, check me out.

Now that Ryan's actually started paramedic school I'm hoping we get into some sort of routine. Well, you know, relatively speaking. He's still working 24 hour shifts on top of going to school full-time, so it's going to be a rough 10 months. I'm determined to do my part and really make an attempt and cooking regular, planned-ahead meals. The boy's going to need his brain food! :-)

Thanks for visiting today!

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Blogger Goofy Girl said...

I came by to see if you posted and yay you have :) Sounds like you've been busy with life! Happy Belated Birthday!! Congrats to Ryan for getting into paramedic school :)

Beautiful baby pics !! You do an awesome job!

6:36 PM  
Blogger Hydrant girl said...

Beautiful baby and beautiful pictures!

7:04 AM  
Blogger carrster said...

(here now and then via AfricanKelli)....just wanted to say your baby photos are incredible! I wish I wasn't about 1500 miles away because I'd have you come and shoot our family in a heartbeat! Lovely work!

7:52 AM  
Anonymous SunnyInspiration said...

Great photos! Glad to see you had a new post! :)

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Em said...

Hi Amanda. I've been away from blogging for, oh about 1.5 years, but have recently jumped back in. I'm glad to see you're still at it and things are going well. I still make your Crumbled Pumpkin Cake every holiday that warrants it. Everyone loves it!

Oh, and I'll be getting married on Memorial Day weekend next year ... if you are willing to travel and offer competitive pricing, you are ON for our wedding pics!!

9:50 AM  

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