Thursday, April 30, 2009

Almost there!

I swear there's not much more. :-) Actually, I'm not too much of a picture-taker on vacation. I mean that totally relative. I know other photographers how plan their entire vacation around photography, and their poor families are just along for the ride. I'm not one of those people who plans the vacation day around sunrise and sunset. I don't limit my activities to those where I can take my fancy camera. We're on the go like crazy on our vacations. In and out of water, doing active things, wanting to run around w/out the weight of my camera and lenses. 

Our last few days in Playa del Carmen were unlike any that we've had on a vacation. We RELAXED. I can safely say we've not ever done that. In fact, our last full day in PDC we paid a whopping 70 pesos a piece (about $4) for super comfy chairs on the beach at the Kool Beach Club. We laid there for hours being served drinks, listening to crazy techno music that was oddly soothing, and staring out at the turquoise Caribbean (oh, and staring at all the topless ladies. I know). I have no pictures of this. None. I thought about running back to the hotel for my camera, but oh.... it was just too heavenly. (and windy, which is not good for a camera near the ocean) Ryan and I just kept looking over at each other shaking our heads. How in the world were we THAT lucky.

Playa del Carmen was amazing.  5th Avenue is the place to be.  The entire street is closed to cars so every night the whole street fills with people looking for food, looking for fun, looking for a crappy souvenir.  We walked it every night and had the most amazing (cheap!) food.  

The entire Rivera Maya is so lush and jungly.  It is just like you'd imagine it would be, but more beautiful.  Our hotel was even a little jungle oasis:

The whole trip wasn't perfect.  We had a few hang-ups, like poor Ryan who broke his tooth the second day we were there.  The jellyfish stings.  The mosquitos (omg the mosquitos!) who ate us alive in the jungle.  And to top it off:  the tank on the toilet in our hotel room cracked and the whole room flooded one day.  But do you think any of that even registered with all the amazing stuff we were doing?  Not even one bit.  We loved every minute of this trip and it's making being back at work in my not-so-exciting job impossible.  

Oh yeah.  And my poor body is missing all its cerveza.  

Next post:  the drive to go see amazing Mayan ruins on the whole other side of the Yucatan peninsula.  A drive we made through teeny tiny jungle villages, through police and military stops, for 4.5 hours, all with no radio.  Let me tell you, we got a bit sick of the sound of each other's voices.  OK..... we didn't!  We loved every second together.  More tomorrow.


Anonymous SunnyInspiration said...

Oh man, you had the best vacation! So glad you had such a wonderful time. That photo of you is just gorgeous! (I can't tell Bub about all the topless women, or he'll want to book a trip asap...Haha!)

9:06 AM  
Blogger Goofy Girl said...

I'm glad you had some down time to relax you really needed it!

5:24 AM  

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