Friday, February 13, 2009

The Jimmy Carter Band

Tonight I am going with a few friends to see Jimmy Carter speak about his new book. OK, but let's be honest. I don't give a crap about his book (I didn't even know he had one), I just would love to see a President in real life. (You know, more then just the one time I saw George Bush the Younger waving from a limo like 1/4 mile away) I'm embarassed to say that other then the recent commentary about how much Clinton and Carter hate each other, I know very little about the man. I mean come on, he was a year into his Presidency when I was born. Yikes! So I did some research.

Seems like a good guy. Definitely didn't just retire and enjoy the good life, he seems to really have tried to make a difference in this world since his Presidency. I think if I'd been as ostracized as he was leaving the office, I'd probably be tempted to hide somewhere on a beach. But here's a guy who still travels the world trying to do good. Even if he does stick his foot in that huge-toothed mouth of his. Ah well, he means well, right?

So obviously I'm a tad out of touch when it comes to this guy, but I blame it on my age. In fact, this little outing of mine has lead to a few pretty hilarious generational misunderstandings. I had to break a date with my brother (who was born the year Carter was escorted out of office) tonight to go to this shindig, so I texted him "Raincheck on Fri? Got tix to Jimmy Carter".  Which lead to a phone call from him trying to figure out exactly "which band" I was seeing. Ha! So I told that little misunderstanding to a coworker here (he was a father twice over when Carter was Pres.), and he said "there should be a Jimmy Carter band, just like that Bill Clinton band". Bill Clinton band? Wah? "You know, the crazy dude with the huge hair, sings funk?" You mean GEORGE Clinton?! BWAHAHA!

In other news, let's not ignore the big fat red holiday looming in our very near future. We are anti Valentine's Day. I realize you may throw up a bit reading this, but I feel like every day is Valentine's Day in our house. The man makes dinners, he makes my house pretty, he brings me flowers just because, he takes me for surprise dates for no reason... So tomorrow we're going out for the cheesiest, most non-romantic dinner we can think of: Chinese Buffet. Yep, the very same from my A Christmas Story dinner with my brother. I mean really, my best Valentine's ever was when Ryan created an elaborate night of many surprises in 2001 that culminated in a shiny, custom-designed ring and a proposal. And who can ever top that?

But, just because WE don't celebrate Valentine's Day, doesn't mean that I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. Truly, I'll take any excuse to liven up my workplace (heck, I even made red cupcakes for my coworkers when the Cardinals went to the Super Bowl, and I hate football!). So here I am in my red outfit, heart necklace, I've handed out my Valentines (I 'made' these), and chocolate covered cherry cupcakes on a table that I decorated by cutting out red, purple and pink hearts. I work with all men, so I'm the token holiday rah-rah person. And I don't hear a single one of them complaining. (Maybe because they've got a mouth full of cupcake)

Here's wishing you all a great weekend, and if you live in AZ, check out my last post for fun stuff to do this weekend.


(cell phone quality, gotta love it)

It was a totally weird experience.  There were a TON of people.  A huge line to pick up your ticket, then another line to actually get in, and protesters lining the street outside.  SWAT team on the roof of the complex, police and secret service everywhere.  And a little old man who was gracious enough to look up and give us a nod as we walked by him like he was an animal in a zoo.  We thought there was going to be a talk, but it wasn't like that at all.  We got paraded in front of him while he sat up on a platform signing books which were handed to us commoners as we walked by.  Then when he had enough, they whisked him out of there.  Crazy.  I'm glad I went, but boy was it not what I was expecting.

Thanks africankelli for having me as one of your 'plus two'!  


Blogger indeazgirl said...

I'm so glad your anti-valentine's day doesn't prevent you from enjoying the spirit of valentine's. I was a cupcake delivery girl, too!! Gotta love our Sprinkles!

8:15 AM  

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