Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving aftermath.... and why we love our new carpet cleaner

Well, that carpet cleaner has certainly been put to good use.

Our Bad Karma got in the trash the other day and pulled out the remains of two turkey legs and ate them. Whole. Bones and all. This is the same dog who can't eat a rawhide bone w/out throwing up for days.

So last night I woke up to what I thought was someone breaking into the house through the window because the blinds were going crazy. So of course I grabbed the gun (yes, we have multiples by the bed for when I'm home alone). When I turned on the light I found a puppy so desperate to get out that she was trying to go through the window. So I let her out.

An hour later I woke up to scratching on the door.

An hour after that it was frantic pacing.

Between 5:45am when I went to work and 8:30 when Ryan got home, Karma had successfully hit every single room in the house.

Maybe its time to switch to all tile.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry but it's funny !!

7:11 PM  

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