Tuesday, November 20, 2007


One of my coworkers told me about a month ago that his kid's school was having a fundraiser at Skateland, an indoor rollerskating rink, and that anyone was invited. Oh man! I swear I was so excited. So of course I immediately invited all my girlfriends (who, sadly, couldn't come with) and I made Ryan PROMISE to go with me so I could do couples skate.

I have such memories of Skateland! I fancied myself a really good skater. I could weave in out, foot over foot for turns, bob to the music. And who could forget the hokey pokey, the chicken dance, the Ghostbuster theme, the reverse skate (not to be confused with the backward skate)...

But then we got to the parking lot and I had this sudden silly feeling. I'm THAT adult. The adult that thinks they're cool, when really they're an ADULT. And then I started to worry that I wouldn't remember how to skate. Its been almost 20 years! And was I ever really as good as I thought I was? And what if Ryan and I were the only adults skating?

Then Ryan echoed my fears and I realized he was just there because I was so excited, not because he wanted to be. So I thought about leaving.

But we forced ourselves to go in because we promised we'd go there. Loh and behold, we were not the only adult skaters! We put on our blank and orange skates (WAY cooler then the nasty brown ones they used to have) and wobbled out on to the rink. We started slow, but very quickly found that 20 years is nothing in rollerskating. And looking around us, we saw the other adults pleasantly surprised that they hadn't lost the touch either! We Old People skated circles around those kids! I was showing off! he HEE. I AM cool. And then the lights went off, the disco ball and the strobes came on and they played Michael Jackson (Michael WHO those kids were saying!) and the adults were totally working that rink.

Ryan and I were totally impressed with ourselves for rocking the Skateland so hard, and we left feeling like the only thing to do next was to drag our friends to Adult Skate.


Anonymous Erin Kate said...

Hysterical! Kelly had her birthday party there a few years back and everyone had such a fantastic time. Still feels good to be a kid every once in a while

7:54 AM  

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