Thursday, November 15, 2007


I've had one of those nights. Grocery shopping took too long, people blocked the isles, the cashier was slow, the bill too high (darn Thanksgiving!), dinner took too long to make, then when I finally got the dinner almost done, I put my tomato soup in the blender with the basil, hit the switch, and it exploded everywhere. On my favorite new cookbook, the wall, the counter, the floor, the toaster oven. Oh, and me. And it was hot. And red. *sigh*

Its been a weird day around our house today. Ryan worked his second job on Monday and forgot his knee pads. The next day it was apparent that something was wrong with his knee. Two days later and its much worse. His knee is swollen, red, hot to the touch... He went to the doctor and it turns out he's got an infection in his knee. Now its just finger crossing that the antibiotics keep it from spreading. Anyone else read that and immediately think 'super bug'? Yeah, I'm a big scardy.

Is it Thursday night drinking night? Why it is! Too bad antibiotics+alcohol=no no. More for me!


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