Sunday, November 04, 2007


Blahhhhh. Already on Day 4 and feeling like this is a chore. Anyone else? I just want to sink blissfully into my Sunday beer and veg.

BUT, dispite my current laziness, its been a busy day. Walk to Starbucks w/ the pups (always an adventure) for our PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE (hold the whip and the fat), then we came home to do our winter yard work but when thankfully interrupted to go out with Ryan's parental units for his b-day lunch/breakfast. Then it was off to deliver pics to a very gracious caterer who has kindly agreed to use us for their website pics. What an honor from such a well-respected company! At any rate, they own this adorable little restaurant overlooking a pretty lake in Phx, so of course we had to stay to sample their seasonal beer. Then we went home and did a grueling 3 hours of yard work. Ugh! But, thank goodness for winter grass and our growing cilantro plant!

So today I've been thinking about how much our lives are affected by others. We trust the people next to us on the freeway to stay in their lane, we count on friends to be there when we need them, we place too much creedence on the person in front of us in the 15 item or less lane to have 14 items... In general, we really are at the mercy of others. I've been thinking about that a lot lately with my new business. I've been trying so hard to be professional and to be the best at communicating with clients that I can, but sometimes things (and people) outside of my control really affect my success as a good, attentive, photographer.

Today when Ryan and I toasted our first drink of the Sunday afternoon I toasted to Patience. Usually, we take turns with the toast, but by the second drink I was ready to toast again. I toasted to the ability to just let go of the things we can't control. This goes along with what Ryan told me yesterday was a big part of his 'new' year of being 29. He wants to get back into meditation to help with his focus and calm.

I think I could benefit from that too.

So tell me, what do YOU do to relax?


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