Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Its not easy being green

I worry about the environment as much as the next guy, but I can't say that I'm not part of the problem. I've got an SUV (horror!) and a Jeep. I know, its horrible. We've got the SUV because we actually use it (we love to see the beautiful deserts and forests of Arizona from a dirt road) and we've got the Jeep because, well, its a Jeep! There's nothing we're loving more lately then driving around in the gorgeous Arizona non-fall air with the top off.

But besides that, I hope I'm doing a small part to help. Ryan and I have gotten so much better about bringing our canvas shopping bags to the store, and when we forget we insist that we just don't need a bag if we've only bought a few small things. Have you ever tried this? Cashiers are so automatic at that register that things just automatically go in a bag. They don't know what to do with "That's OK, I don't need a bag". Have you noticed what they bag? A single newspaper? A single greeting card? A pack of gum? Its ridiculous, and I feel like if we were all a bit more proactive about this one small thing, we'll be making a difference.

Ryan's also doing more then his fair share. His station doesn't recycle so he and another firefighter got together and put out a recycle can for the guys and then he and the other guy split the recyclables every week to take home and put in our blue bins.

But I'm also trying really hard not to take a car if I don't need to. Why in the world should I get into my gas-guzzling SUV to drive a mile and a half to deposit a check at the bank? Especially if I skipped the gym and the dogs missed their walk this morning So I packed my pockets with the check, my card, and a pen, and started walking. You should have seen the looks from the people in their cars when I got in line right along with them at the drive-up ATM. :-)

What little things do you do? Do you ever feel like you make choices that other people judge you for? Like my SUV?


Anonymous KC said...

I've started unplugging things a lot more. Like my computer cord for the laptop and my cell phone charger. I used to lazily leave them plugged in when they weren't being used. I know it's small, but I hope it helps somewhat. We recycle also, and when I was at the grocery stores yesterday, stuffing bags within bags beacuse each bag had three stinkin' items in it, I thought about you and your canvas bags. I'm quite sure we'll be investing very soon. Great idea!

6:22 PM  
Blogger Mia said...

I have all of my cords for my cell, iPod, and such on a power strip. I try to charge everything at the same time. The strip is turned off unless there is something charging.

And you get strange looks when you tell the casher that you don't need a bag. If I am buying one or two items, I can just as easily carry them. My local co-op gives you a wood coin to drop in the charity jugs for every bag you bring. The charity changes every month but there are always two and one is alway environmental. They donate the value of the wood coins to the charities every month.

1:59 PM  

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