Saturday, November 03, 2007

Guess Who's 29!

Today is my Ryan's birthday. One last year being a '20 something'. Eek! To celebrate my hubby, we've had a day of things he wanted to do. And how does my tough firefighter spend his birthday? Well, it starts with sleeping in, then waking up to gifts and dog snuggling, then on to our favorite bagel place. Next was a Starbucks run for fuel to get us through our grueling pedicures. The little pedicure ladies just love Ryan. Then we went to a brand new movie theater to see The Kingdom. Has anyone else seen that? More about that in a bit. And no boy birthday would be complete without a trip to Home Depot. (He had to even out the pedicures with something manly afterall). Now we're chilling with a beer and we're leaving here in an hour to hit our favorite wine bar then a new restaurant. Yay for birthdays! I love them all, even if they're not mine. And ESPECIALLY if they involve pedicures for me as well!

OK, so first I should say, if you live in the Phoenix area, we found a new movie theater that's kinda below the radar and everyone thinks its just an IMAX theater. Signal Butte and the 60. I highly recommend it.

Second, we went to go see The Kingdom today because it was filmed in places around the Phoenix area that we're really familiar with so we thought it'd be fun. If you're adverse to violence, this is not the movie for you. Also, I highly disagree with the 'message' that they throw in at the end of this morvie. They equate Jamie Foxx's character saying they'd go after the extremists who killed men, women and children during a kids softball game to an extremist teling a young child that they would 'kill them all', meaning Americans. Please tell me how in the world those two are the same? I simply cannot fathom the mindset where killing innocent people is meant to honor a higher power. And how do those movie makers think THAT is the same as going after someone who is known to have targeted innocent people, and who will undoubtedly do it again? It smacks of Hollywood attempting to make a stand against US action in the Middle East, but they fell so short is was ridiculous. Maybe I'm getting into tricky territory here, but seriously, I was just thinking to myself that I was kinda entertained by this movie when they threw that nonsense it.

Well, its now 3:30 and I've gotta get ready for my big date. I hope Day 3 finds all my fellow NaBloPoMo participants still going strong. See you on Day 4!

And again, happy birthday Ryan!


Anonymous Crystal said...

I hope your husband has a fantastic

Speaking about the Kingdom
There is this book I'm almost done with and thought I'd share it with you , it's called
"Because They Hate": A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America
By Brigitte Gabriel
I saw her on CSPAN talking about the book at a military base.
Very good read ! Makes one think !!

Oh, if the stuff with your husbands fire dept doesn't work out (I hope it does) my husbands dept is hiring like crazy, a bit more of a drive but smaller and advancement is fast..

9:33 PM  
Blogger Ramona said...

Happy Birthday,Ryan! Sounds like you guys had a great birthday celebration. Seeing The Kingdom is on my list of movies to see. I'm curious to see how they have depicted the sights and sounds of Riyadh (where I lived for 5 years.)

8:03 AM  

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