Monday, November 19, 2007

Everybody Loves a Parade

I asked the other day what holiday traditions everyone has. One of my favorites is the Macy's Day Parade. Yeah, yeah, I know its not really called that, but I think I've called it that since I was little. My family used to sit down and watch the parade together every year. I swear, I was almost as excited watching it from the living room as I might have been watching it in NYC live. And as I grew older, I started planning adult activities around the parade. In our old house I painted on Thanksgiving.... but I rigged the TV so I could see the parade from every room I was working in. And the last few years I've found that the parade is just about the perfect length for making pumpkin crumble cake.

I grew up in a musical home. I don't necessarily mean musical in that my parents are musically inclined (although my mom is a beautiful piano player with a voice to match). I mean we like musicals. A lot. And the best part of the parade, hands down, is before the parade even starts when the Broadway musicals send a number to be performed in front of Macys. I just love it. Baking does not start until the musical numbers are done, right up to the very last Rockette kick.

I think most people know that there is a writer's strike going on in Hollywood right now. Of course we're interested! Life without Heroes and Chuck? I think not! But the fact that there is also a strike going on on Broadway probably doesn't register on most people's radar. But the first think I thought was, "No Macy's Day Parade musical numbers?" Deep breath people! They just announced that particular show will go on.

I was giddily telling miss africankelli the other day how excited I was for the parade, and she told me I'm probably the only person she knows who actually watches it. Really? Anyone else excited for the parade?! LET'S HAVE A PARADE!


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