Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bored on a Sunday

When Ryan and I get bored on a weekend, we don't just sit around. Case and point: today we had a free afternoon so we dug out the leftover smorgasbord of paint we have in the garage, assessed which paints we had the most of, then threw it on a wall. I guess once we started painting this weekend, we just couldn't stop. That'd be 3 straight days of painting for anyone keep score. On two separate houses.

Ryan and I are totally an old married couple. There's never any discussion about who does what job. This is how it goes:
Amanda: beer
Ryan: Paint
A: music
R: ladder
A: tape edges
R: roller
A: cut in
R: move stuff around
A: fix places where tape failed
R: refresh beer and change music

Well-oiled machine I tell you!

So thanks for all the messages you guys sent about the turkey. We decided we're now doing 2 small turkeys. We're smoking one and roasting one. We're also making: mashed spuds (red w/ ranch, milk and butter), stuffing (whole grain with celery and sautéed mushrooms) , gravy, creamed spinach (my mom's recipe and my fave part of Thanksgiving!) with homemade croutons, cranberry sauce, and TWO desserts. I'm cooking for all boys so of COURSE we have to have two desserts. Pumpkin crunch cake and pecan pie cookies. Mmmmm. I'm also making a few appetizers. Think anyone's going to leave hungry?

Anyone else cooking Thanksgiving for the first time? Anyone else displaced for Thanksgiving?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget to take out the 2 bags from the inside of the turkey I did that one year. I pulled out the neck and didn't realize there was another one in there. Lorrie

6:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is quick and simple appetizer the boys at the fire station love..

Velveeta Cheese
Sausage roll

in a med pot cook the sausage
add the cheese (melt on low heat)
add the rotel
Put in a small crock pot or leave on stove low heat ..
serve with chips or bread


10:45 PM  

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