Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Durango - Suggested Itinerary

Well, we're back to real life. And by that I mean we're back to our regular firefighter schedule. So... No more having Ryan around every night to try out my recipes on. Ahh well, we'll survive.

But I'm not too sad about it today because I'm on a vacation high still! Weeee! I notoriously over-plan vacations, and since this one was pretty last minute I didn't have a chance to make all my Excel spreadsheets and print copious amounts of information on everything from how to get places to where to eat. So the only plans
we had before we left where what hotel to stay at, and what we were doing the first day.

We stayed at an awesome old hotel right in downtown Durango. I highly recommend it. Well, with the exception of the fact that they turned off the water to the entire hotel for a whole day. Which we found out of a morning of white water rafting. In 95 degree weather. Nice.... At any rate, the hotel was gorgeous, the room was perfect, and they refunded us a full day for the water thing. After I yelled. Which always embarasses Ryan. Whatever.

So our first day we had tickets on the Durango to Silverton railroad. This was hands down one of the best things we've ever done on a vacation! The train goes through a canyon inaccessible by vehicles and follows the Animas river the whole time. This river is WILD. Its the same river we rafted, but we did the less crazy lower party. The canyon was breathtaking.

The train takes 3.5 hours to get to the quaint little town of Silverton where we had lunch and a few libations before the ride back to Durango. Silverton is an old mining town that is surrounded by glacier-capped mountains. It looks just like you'd picture the Old West to look....

The ride back was wild! The weather suddenly flipped and we found ourselves in a violent hail storm. For two Phoenicians, it was the perfect end to the day! We were sitting in an outdoor gondola car so we loaded ourselves up on hot chocolate and enjoyed the storm.

So that's it for our first day. I was just going to throw all the pictures up from the whole trip but even I am overwhelmed by the obnoxious travel pics, so let's spread them out, shall we? :-)

Its 8:30pm and Harry Potter is calling my name. Goal: re-read all HP books before
the new one comes out. Anyone else up for that challenge?



Anonymous Jenp said...

do you want to plan our kid friendly trip to Portland in 2 weeks.....

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Amanda Cowan said...

I'm going to have a hard enough time reading the new one! Though I VOW to do it before I read any spoilers online.. But I did re-read most of them in the past few months since I knew I'd be busy right before.. ;)

6:07 PM  
Anonymous netchick said...

Looks like a fab time... :) Yay! Hope your weekend is a good one.

4:07 PM  
Blogger Ramona said...

Colorado looks beautiful...I must get there some time.
My goal is to START reading the Harry Potter series! So, I guess I'll join you!

12:22 PM  
Blogger Ramona said...

You've been quiet...everything ok?

7:28 AM  
Blogger Carmi said...

Silverton reminds me so much of Georgetown, CO. I was privileged to visit that old mining town last November, and it made an indelible impression on me.

D200...wow, congrats! Can't wait to see what you capture with that bad boy!

Hope all's well: you haven't posted in a bit. Please drop me a line when you get back into it...your voice is missed.

8:59 PM  

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