Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Meeting and eating and blogging

Well its 6:35pm and I'm sitting at home with a yummy meal in front of me, and a phone up to my ear. I'm in a "meeting" with an angry Asian customer, but luckily I'm like a witness so I don't have to talk. Or pay attention. At all. Or should I be? Dang, what are they even saying?!

So.... *sigh* Its Ryan's last week of the academy. Which means I've only got 4 more weekday nights of 'normal' life with him. It totally bums me out. I love having a built-in guinea pig in the house to try my food! And someone to scratch my back to wake me up... Its a good thing I love him to death or I might not be so understanding! :-)

Speaking of firefighters... Have I mentioned how much I love Ryan's friends? That said, they really hurt my feelings, and his, on Saturday night. A whole slew of them got hired with other departments so everyone got together at a local brewpub for a celebration. Well the thing started at 8pm, which seems like a late start for us. Most people didn't show up until after 9, and we're notoriously on-time to events (thanks mostly to Ryan, as my girlfriends would be happy to tell you), so there was a lot of sitting around waiting. Then they all show up. In force. Ready to drink. Heavily. We're in a semi-classy place and they're having beer chugging contests, taking turns ordering crazy shots, and basically pissing off the entire staff by yelling and generally bumping into servers with food. Oh, and I ended up playing babysitter to a non-firefighter that tagged along. I'd never met him before, and he was being drunkenly inappropriate to me considering I was obviously MARRIED to the guy next to me who outweighed him by about 80 pounds.

So at 10:45pm Ryan asked if I wanted to go. I thought HE wanted to go. I really was making a conscience effort to be chatty w/ the drunk people and have a good time. So at 10:50 we announce we're leaving. All of a sudden the group goes insane, hi-fiving, yelling, wooping and hollering. Evidently they made a BET on how early we would leave. We were the butt of their joke. They were talking about us being the "lame go home early couple" behind our backs. These are the same people we've seen every weekend for the last TWO MONTHS, sometimes until well into the a.m. hours. I was completely embarassed, and Ryan (who really works to not be shy) was mortified.

I know they didn't mean to be mean, but I'm hurt. And I'm pissed. And I'm reluctant to spend my weekends with people who think its funny to do something like that. Anyway.....

OK, I've been on this 'meeting' for 1.5hrs now. I'm just going to hang up. I'm sure they won't even notice.

Then its back to seeing if I can plan a trip for us for next week. They gave Ryan the week off as a thank-you! Weeee!


Anonymous netchick said...

That's really awful. I'd be mortified, too. :(

Don't you just love it when people make judgment calls based on group-mentality, when in reality, you've been the one there, supportive, for far too many times.

I hear ya.

I hope you guys have a great trip away!

12:19 AM  
Blogger Mia said...

Remember that quite a few of the younger fire fighters (and even some of the older ones) are basically still thinking like frat boys. There is a reason why I do not attend my state fire association's convention. It is at the beach right after high school senior week and right before biker week. The local cops say that the high school seniors drink quite a bit but they have more problems with fire fighter week.

Hopefully when they sober up, Ryan might be able to say something to them. But they will not change their behavior. It just means that it is time to find a better class of friends.

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Em said...

Ugh, sounds like they were just being insensitive jerks. I'd just put some space between you and them for awhile until you calm down.

And in the meantime, enjoy your trip and your man!!

12:57 PM  
Blogger Ramona said...

After all the goodies you bake for them, pictures you take of them, and support you give them, I think that was totally uncool of them.
I'm guessing that most of them are single, right? They don't have a good woman to rush home with!

5:41 AM  

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