Monday, May 07, 2007


My stomach is having flashbacks to the England trip of January 2005. Ohhhh. Just goes to show even countries as similar as your own can disagree with your stomach. Maybe I needed more beer today.

So for my last free day of this England trip I decided to go to Bath. Of all the places I've visited on this trip, this is the only one that is a tourist attraction per se. So, for the whole weekend, this is the first day I actually heard some American accents. It was a nice change. And it was nice to not have English people reacting like they'd never seen an American before like they have been the rest of the weekend...

I wasn't as camera-happy today simply because I've been here before, and my whole purpose for visiting was to soak it all in. So I walked about 5 miles of hills today visiting every major thing in Bath, but taking back-roads so I could see things I've missed in the past.

I find that when I'm alone walking around major tourist places like this, people tend to think I'm not a tourist. I got asked for directions many times today! And for the most part I could point people in the right direction! Not hard though, because I swear Brits are awesome about signage. Its hard to get lost here.

The day started off miserable and rainy but cleared up beautifully. Here's what I

Pulteney Bridge. Its one of the most photographed in the world! And for good
reason. Right near where I'm standing are the Roman Baths that the town is named for. Ryan and I took the tour a few years ago and it is a must see! Right next door to there is Bath Abbey. Next, lunch at an English pub, then I stumbled around the corner and found a Parisian market going on. They had all these wonderful stands full of produce (pink garlic! gorgeous asparagus! biggest grapes I've ever seen!), piles of fresh cheese, bins full of candies, fresh bread and pastries... It was gorgeous. I got my mom a Mother's Day gift here. Shhh, don't tell her.

Kept walking and ended up in The Circus. It is a completely round block of houses built in 1754 and designed by John Wood the Elder. It was designed to look like a turned inside-out version of The Collesium in Greece. In 1942 a bomb was dropped into The Circus. Its since been fixed. Crazy!

Right around the corner is a masterpiece designed by John Wood's son, John Wood the Younger. (original names, huh?) That tree right in the middle is in front of The Royal Crescent Hotel, which you can stay in for $1000 per night. A steal! Here it is:

For that picture I'm standing in Royal Victoria Park, opened by 11 year-old Princess Victoria in 1830. It has, hands down, the best playground I've ever seen. I'd never walked in the park before. Its beautiful! And because of the holiday weekend there was a flower show going on. English people love their gardens.

On my way back to find a phone for my call home to Ryan for the day, I stumbled across this garden in the back of one of the Circus houses. Gorgeous, eh??

That's it for me. I'm back to work tomorrow, so you're off the hook as far as pictures go. Off to take some stomach meds and hit the hay. Ohhhhh.


Anonymous jen said...

oh my gosh can i just say first of all those pictures are amazing!!!
I am not kidding you when i say that they look totally professional.

I am totally in for taking an online course with you. Looks like I could learn a few things!

8:58 PM  
Anonymous rhino said...

Hey kid, was going to say the same thing, jen beat me to it. your pics are looking pro.

10:26 PM  
Blogger CK said...

Awesome pictures!

You don't know me, I just found your blog, but I had to find 8 people to pass a meme along to and you're one of the few blogs I've started reading regularly. Congratulations. :)

2:11 PM  

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