Tuesday, April 03, 2007


That's right everyone, I have just completed my first paying photography gig. My girlfriend Mini shoots 4 or 5 weddings a year, only for people she knows and with the understanding that this is not her primary occupation. Regardless, she is a naturally gifted photographer, so I was thrilled when she asked if I would assist her. I pictured myself hauling gear around all day, and I was happy to do it for the experience. So imagine my happiness when I figured out that I was expected to take pictures.

I feel like we worked really well together. But above all, I have a new-found appreciation for people who do this for a living. I had no idea how hard it would be, and two days later my calves and the bottoms of my feet are still killing me, and I
haven't slept in 3 nights beause I am so stressed about doing well by this bride. I cannot imagine doing this on a regular basis! And you'd think that the work ends after 8 hours on your feet, but then there's the editing.

Oh the editing.... I took about 750 pictures. Half of those were crap. Of those that weren't immediately trashworthy, half of those wanted to be good pictures but were either out of focus, underexposed, or totally ruined by the fact that the wedding was in an outdoor space that was basically the frame of a building, meaning there were these criss-crossed shadows all over everything.

And did we ever make a pair! One of us is 4+ months pregnant, wearing a jacket in
the 90 degree weather, and sporting wedges on her feet. The other one of us (me) decided that in order to save my sprained ankle, I'd wear flip-flops instead of shoes with heels. 8 and a half hours of running around in flip-flops. Stupid. Oh and also? If I were to do it again I would make sure that my pants covered my undies when I had to crouch on the ground. But we made it through and I'm so thrilled to have had the opportunity.

I'm also really proud that at least a few of my pictures look like something that could hang on the new couple's wall. I can't post them yet because the couple hasn't seen them, but I figure it can't hurt to show ONE, right?

This weekend we're off on a vacation to celebrate our 5-year anniversary. We've got a whirlwind trip planned through California including kayaking in the Channel Islands, backcountry Jeep tour to wineries, Monterey Aquarium, more kayaking, Disneyland, Universal Studios and more. I'm frantically trying to process wedding pictures, pack, and run a million earrands before then. Hopefully I'll have lots of fun pictures to show you all when I get back!


Blogger Lil' Bit said...

have a great weekend.

8:09 AM  
Anonymous kross-eyed kitty said...

I love the golden background in the picture, it's quite beautiful (as I'm sure the bride will be when she turns around to face the camera!)
Congrats on your first gig, and even bigger congrats for your 5th anniversary!
Have a wonderful trip!

11:44 PM  
Anonymous em said...

I'm glad you finally decided on a locale for the anniversary celebration! Looks like you two will need a long rest when you get back home! Take it easy on the ankle. Oh, and very nice photo. I'm sure you did an excellent job.

7:49 AM  
Blogger Sue said...

What an anniversary celebration! Sounds like a blast. Congrats on the first five years, may you have many more blissful years together.

I love that picture.

12:07 PM  
Blogger jennypenny said...

Hope you had a great weekend and congrats on the paying gig!! I would totally hire you. I am not kidding either. You have a great eye. The whole portrait taking thing just eludes me so far.

10:11 PM  

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