Tuesday, April 17, 2007

In the air

I don't know what's gotten into my husband this week. I'm guessing its either because he's rested from our vacation, or he's got a new exciting job at work, or maybe its just spring. I don't know, but he's a different, happier guy this week.

This afternoon he showed up at home from work carrying three movies. Shrek 1 and 2 because we just did the Shrek 4D at Universal and he was thinking about the movies. And Lady in the Water because I'd been talking about renting it for months. Then he sat still for an entire movie with me! Never happens. And now? He's in the
other room playing his saxophone. He hasn't done that in ages. Don't know what's gotten into that guy...

I choose to think it was the vacation. Speaking of which, let's have some more vacation pics, shall we? We drove to Monterey for the 2nd part of our trip. If you haven't been, you MUST. Its like this magical place filled with wildlife. Our first stop was the Aquarium which was amazing. If you've got kids, this is a must-do while they're still young. They've got so many great exhibits for kids, but adults will find tons of fascinating things to look at. They have mammoth aquariums filled with
sharks, giant fish, and the strangest thing we've ever seen: the sunfish. I swear to you we both went "What the?!" and decided at first it was a fake thing in there. We got to pet bat rays and play with decorator crabs (they decorate their shells with things from their surroundings!) They have penguins that are fun, a magical jellyfish exhibit, and the best part? The otters. They had sea otters, but our favorite were these Asian small-clawed otters. They were a riot! They were collectively tearing apart their enclosure and wrestling together.

The best part about Monterey is that you can sea the wildlife from the shore. Every time we looked out to the water we could see otters and seals playing amazing. Here's a few more Aquarium pics:

Guess I had a lot of pictures to share. I'll save the rest of Monterey for another day, but before I go, I'll leave you with one more Aquarium picture. It is us drinking beer. Shocker, I know. But look at the labels! Until tomorrow!!


Anonymous Amanda Cowan said...

We really liked Lady In The Water, but then I like all M. Night Shyamalan movies..

When were you guys at Monterey? We went on Easter.. you got better pics than we did.. we realized on the way to the aquarium that the camera we brought was broken..ugh!

And I was bummed because we told Grace there would be turtles there and we didn't see any!! They usually have them in the one viewing room where you see all the sharks and giant fish and hammerhead sharks and stuff..but no turtles..

Glad you guys had fun up here!

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Love the last one, the labels are so cute.

It very well could be the job. I know Pman has been much happier on the home front since changing jobs. I only hope it holds when he goes back to nights. *crossing my fingers*

1:57 PM  

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