Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Why yes I can tell you where the hospital cafeteria is

Well, my poor mom is back in the dreaded hospital again. She's picked up another infection (staph this time), which isn't unusual for someone who's been through what she has, but its still just so depressing. I know I've talked a lot here about how positive she's been through this whole thing, and honestly I don't know how she does it, but there's a point where it really gets to be too much. I think just knowing that she had time at home in her own bed snuggling her puppy between chemo treatments made it easier. Unscheduled hospital stays? Not helping the cause.

So today I went to the hospital for what I figure is about my 35th-40th time in the last 4 months. Can you believe that? If I never see the inside of another hospital... But see? I'm complaining about VISITING a hospital. Nothing compares to being a prisoner in one. Internet: send good vibes to my mom over the blogosphere...

In other news: as africankelli points out today in her post, Spring has hit Phoenix. Oh wait, did I say Spring? That's right, Spring hit Phoenix about about 9am last Friday morning and had passed by at about 9:15. It is over 90 degrees here today, and half of us are loving it as much as the flowers around here, and the other half of us are hiding in the airconditioning already. I'm the latter, but I really do try to be the former. And while africankelli is all cheery and sunny (like the weather) about our change in season, its a little hard to be happy about the impending allergy attacks. Anyone else feel a little tickle in the back of their throat at the first sign of blooming plants?

However, one thing makes the heat, the allergies, the heat and the dry all worth it: NO MORE SLOW-DRIVING SNOW BIRDS!


Anonymous ramona said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your mom is in the hospital again. That truly sucks!
About the slow-driving Snowbirds? Uh...ya...they're all back up here, driving ME crazy!!!!

5:26 AM  
Anonymous Em said...

Good vibes being sent.


2:42 PM  
Blogger M said...

you keep those snow birds... we don't want 'em back!

I do hope your mom gets better... and soon... and good for you for standing by her.

8:48 PM  

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