Monday, March 26, 2007


When I was a Junior in high school I went with a group of kids to a place called Jump. Whoever's idea it was to create a place that's basically a bunch of large trampolines pushed together so kids could jump from one to the other was in idiot. Needless to say, they've been shut down for many years now due to all the injuries incurred there. So anyway, I was jumping and I think I tried to stop myself mid jump. Next thing I know I hear and feel a huge pop in my ankle, and it immediately swells up to the size of a grapefruit. Diagnosis: ligaments torn from the bone taking a chip of the bone with them.

Since then, I've re-injured that ankle twice. Once was during a big finish off a stage after Karaoke in Mexico during college. Spring break of course. That was a fun one. I was stuck in a foreign country with an f'ed up ankle depending on strong boys to carry me to and from the hotel pool, and between bars. But hey, wasn't so bad, considering I drank for free pretty much the whole rest of the week.

The last time I did it I was dancing around the living room with Ryan. Not doing anything crazy. Just jumping around.

So yesterday I did it again. I think it might be time to consider that surgery after all... I've had two separate opinions and they want to reattach the ligament and shave bone off my heel.

Anyway, today I'm planted on the couch. I hate calling in sick to work. I swear even if its legit, I feel so guilty about it.

The good thing about all of this is that my husband (who is in the running for Husband of the Year) is taking such good care of me. He had to go to work, but before he left he wrapped the ankle up in ice and wrote me the following list,

"Amanda's To Do List"
-R.I.C.E. (reset, ice, compression, elevate)

- ABC's (with your toe)
-Go through pics from yesterday
-Send away for print of 4-peaks picture
-Research for CA trip
-Miss Ryan

I am one lucky girl. So the plan today is to rest and try not to go stir-crazy. And as one
of my assignments was to go through my pictures from the air show yesterday, I bring you the following:

Golden Knights Army Parachute Team

F22. Awesome

From top: A10 Warthog, P51 Mustang, F15
(and if I got those wrong, I'll be really embarrassed)

Boys and beer, my 2 favorite things

I went with Ryan and his firefighter friend. We had a blast! We also saw some very interesting fashion choices out there at Luke Air Force base. I'll leave you with a woman and her pirate hat (?) for sun protection and a man wearing ballerina shoes.

Good thing I sprained my ankle on the way OUT of the air show.


Anonymous em said...

That sounds very painful! Hope you've got some pain pills sitting around for a rainy day such as this. Sounds like surgery may be a viable option for you -- but I don't envy you AT ALL!

Ryan is a sweetie!! What a keeper.

5:01 AM  
Blogger Networkchic said...

wow now that's a good husband. Hey thanks for coming by my blog.

Now take care of that ankle. ;-)

6:46 AM  
Anonymous inzane said...

i fzcked myself up pretty good at jump the one time i went there. i was doing double backflips on one of the trampolines. i was getting tired and we were getting ready to bail, but i figured i'd go for one more anyways. i made it one and a half times around before i came down totally inverted on my head. i chipped a tooth and REALLY fzcked up my neck. it still dont have propper cervical curvature because of that lovely experience. the next morning was pretty interesting. long story...

7:51 AM  

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