Friday, February 02, 2007

Bond, Amanda Bond

I spent a good chunk of my work day today (inappropriately) thinking up Bond girl names for myself. Tomorrow is one of my best girlfriend's husband's big THREE OH, and she's throwing him a Bond-themed party. The current plan is to wear a slinky red dress, bright red lipstick (channeling Christina Aguilera), and to drink huge amounts of alcohol to cover up my self-consciousness of being in said slinky red dress. I've got a few good names picked out. I've got a couple for Ryan too. How about Max E. Pad. No? Don't think he'll like it? How about Michael Toris? Go ahead, say it out loud. I dare you. ;-)

This weekend was made for enjoying the gorgeous Arizona weather. While I do feel bad for my poor friends in other states dealing with 8 degree temps, I can't help but feel downright giddy about living where I do this time of year. High of 75? Yes please! Tomorrow is all about using Ryan's badge to get in free to the FBR Open (shameless, I know). I don't like golf much (or golfers, natch), but I DO like beer, food, and people-watching. And let me tell you, this is one people-watcher's paradise! All those beautiful Scottsdale people with their fake noses and fake other parts, wearing high-heels that will inevitably sink into the mud from all the rain this week... *sigh* Then on Sunday the plan is to either get a good, long hike in to earn Super Bowl party food, or to visit the
Boyce Thompson Arboretum. If you haven't visited, its definitely worth the drive out there. It is just gorgeous out there, and big enough to get a good hike in while learning about our native plants. And dogs are allowed! Then its off to two Super Bowl parties. One for the people I work with, and the other is people Ryan works with. There couldn't be two sets of more different people...

On the firefighting front, Ryan is so well-thought of in his department that he's been asked to one of the 3 teachers for the upcoming fire academy. He's so nervous! Wanna know what I'm nervous about? Right now his schedule has him working 24 hrs in a row on the days he's on, but the days he's off I get him all to myself. With the academy he'll be working like a regular person! He'll work from 6am-6pm, and be home for dinner every night. I've always secretly felt like I might be a smidge happier if Ryan had a regular job with regular hours, so imagine my surprise when I felt devastated that our life was going to be so disrupted. No more afternoons together at the gym! No more Ryan taking me out to lunch during the week! No more grocery shopping after work together! I just couldn't believe I felt SO sad about it.

I know its only 11 weeks, but its going to be so hard to change so drastically how our life is structured. It took me a long time to get used to being on my own so much, but I think I just discovered that I actually kind of love our life. Sure it sucks sometimes when I want a date to a party and he's not around, or when I need a hug after work and the dogs are the only ones at home, but somewhere along the way we became an actual firefighter family, and we like it.

Sure am going to like having him available for dates on the weekends though! :-)

A very happy, safe weekend to you all. My computer is in the computer hospital, so I'll be MIA until its all patched up. Or until we bite the bullet and buy a new one... Later!


Anonymous Ramona said...

It's amazing how everybody gets used to the shiftworker lifestyle. I've been on nightshift this week, so greg gets to be starfish in the bed at night, and I get to do it during the day. Somehow it seems quite luxurious...

5:50 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

Ha! I went to the open once and left thirty minutes later because I couldn't stand the Scottsdale phonies in attendance, but it was raining that year, and watching the leather-miniskirt bimbos getting their stilettos stuck in the ground was just damn hilarious!

8:08 PM  
Blogger Kelli said...

Woo hoo for fun Bond parties!! :) Thank you for your message. I swear I am so blessed with friends.

6:18 PM  

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