Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Caught the Crud

Well, it sounds like the dreaded sickness is hitting everyone. And just last week I was bragging at work about how I was the only one in my group who hadn't gotten sick. But here I am. Sore throat. Stuffy nose. Exploding head. Ohhh my head...

My mom's headed back to the dreaded hospital on Monday, which sucks with me being sick and not allowed to be around her. Bummer! So I'm taking meds like crazy, drinking gallons of water, and I already told my boss not to be surprised if I called in tomorrow to sleep.

This past weekend was Ryan's company picnic. Now usually a picnic with free beer
would be a no-brainer for a firefighter picnic. But Arizona, like everywhere else in the country, is having this weird cold thing going on. It was a high of 51 and windy on Sunday. Which in Arizona is like MISERABLE weather. But we all threw on our gloves (shut up! 51 is freezing to us!) and held our beers around a fire.

And some brainiac thought it was a wise idea to have a water relay. For adults. People! Adults HATE picnic games. We all mumbled and groaned, but I wasn't going to be the wife who refused to do it. So I threw on huge fire boots, a fire jacket, and a helmet, and got to hauling water. I had to run over to a resevoir to get it in buckets,
slosh it back to Ryan who was wearing a firefighter breathing mask covered by a hood so he couldn't see, then direct him to a trash can. The couple we raced against was a guy AND girl firefighter, and she graduated with the physical fitness award from her academy. So we lost. But come on! Is that at all fair?! Here's some pictures:

Well, I think I'll try to clear a spot on my tissue-covered couch so I can lay down for a bit.


Anonymous Amanda Cowan said...

Hope You're feeling better soon! And yes.. 51 is FREEZING! Thats about what we're at here in SJ but we don't usually hit the 50's until 3pm..before that it's usually int he 40's.. BRRR

9:55 AM  
Blogger Mia said...

One little problem with your equation - fire fighters do not equal adults. I thought that you had already figured that one out. They look like adults and sometimes their intelligence equals that of an adult but they are not adults.

And I am surprised that they did not decide to have a bonfire building contest. That is a;ways what happens up here.

I hope you feel better soon.

12:00 PM  
Anonymous kross-eyed kitty said...

...but it's 51 and SUNNY! I haven't seen the sun in about 2 months.
I do hope that you'll start feeling better soon. Colds suck! And you should definitely stay home.
Is your mom okay?

5:16 AM  

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