Friday, December 15, 2006

Finally in the Spirit!

Finally got off our butts and decorated for Christmas. Its been a tough holiday season so far w/ my family memeber in the hospital, but we're making due.

Things on the illness front actually went better then was expected. Although I don't know how we could expect anything considering the fact that the doctor didn't prepare us at all for what was to come. Reading on my own I know that the worst part of the process comes about 10 days after treatment stops. Treatment stops today in this case. I've got really high hopes though because my family member (isn't this silly? I'll just call them FM from now on...) has had the best attitude ever. Its a crappy situation what with the 30+ days in the hospital, the 'bubble' conditions, the restrictions on everything... but we're all holding up really well and I'm so proud of my family for working together to get through this.

This week I donated blood. Do you do that? If you don't, you should. Its like 30 minutes out of your life, and it could make all the difference for someone who needs it. I'm the donor who's prone to passing out (and I have, more then once), but I still do it. I'm O neg (universal baby!) and I've got an antibody that is needed for preemie babies, so I feel like I don't have a choice. I was given this blood, and it can help others, so I do it. Besides that you get free cookies, free juice, and the feeling like you've done something really good for a stranger.

Speaking of, I forgot to report on our Christmas Angel shopping! Ryan and I adopted Carlos this year, who is a 2 year-old that wanted a remote-control car. Your wish is our command buddy! Carlos not only got a My First Remote Control, but we threw in some small kid Legos (every boy needs Legos!), jeans, a shirt, a jacket, shoes, and socks. We had the best time spoiling him! There's still Christmas Angels to be adopted, so if you live in an area that participates, please think about pulling an Angel off the tree.

OK, since Ryan was such a good sport with the decorating, I owe him an hour of Xbox... Off to play Marvel Ultimate Alliance!


Blogger jt said...

sending positive karma in your FM's direction.

6:22 AM  
Blogger jennypenny said...

Looks like fun decorating. Next time I definitely gotta decorate drunk.

Sorry to hear about your FM. I've tried to give blood a bunch of times but they dont want to take it... iron levels too low :( I'll eat lots of broccoli though and try again.

10:25 AM  
Anonymous ramona said...

Love the pic of you and look like you are having a ball! And, I like the little comments on your picture too...very funny!
Sending Christmas get-well wishes to FM.

1:16 PM  

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