Friday, November 24, 2006

Running off the Turkey

Running the day after Thanksgiving is hard. I felt that turkey every step of the way this morning. Ohhh.

Turkey day was a success! Have I mentioned its my favorite holiday? I woke up and started baking. There's something so satisfying about baking. I made two of those pumpkin cakes (picture below). One of them I took to my brother because he was on shift yesterday. Poor kid. I don't think I've every mentioned here that my brother is an emergency worker too. He works on an ambulance, and it makes family days hard because he and Ryan are often on opposite shifts. Anyway, the guys at Kevin's station were so happy to have a Thanksgiving treat.

Dinner last night was great! Ryan's parents joined us at my parents' house and the food was awesome, conversation was fun, and we all ended up being over there for 4 and a half hours playing Soduko and chatting. The definite highlight of my evening was when I sat down at the dinner table BEFORE I ate and my fat a$$ broke the chair I was sitting in. :-) At least it was a reminder not to stuff myself. Which I did anyway. And it was worth it. OK, so it was the 'kid' chair at the table and it'd been sitting in the heat in the attic for a while, so its no wonder it broke, but STILL.

After a few glasses of wine we'd all loosened up to the point where we were comfortable telling embarassing stories. I got to hear all about how fat Ryan was as a baby and how he got the scar on his forehead. And I told my family all about 'brown trout'. We got to talking about sharks and I was telling everyone how terrified I was to pee off my cousin Cam's boat in Florida because of sharks. But after a few beers and having been surrounded by water all day, a girl's gotta pee! So I held on to the back rail, kept my feet on the boat, and just stuck my bottom in the water. The whole time I was hanging over the edge I was envisioning how appetizing that would look to a shark under the boat. Anyway, we learned from my cousin that when the boys are out on a long trip and they have to go the 'other', they just do it over the side too. Then they warn each other to watch for the 'brown trout'. I know, appetizing conversation for Thanksgiving dinner, but what's a good family dinner without a little discussion about poo?

So happy shopping day to you all. I am hiding in my house and Ryan's at work. He was just in the area and I wanted to get rid of the rest of that cake (I've already had two slices today!) so he stopped by in the engine. The neighbors getting REALLY curious when a fire truck is parked in front of the house. hehehe It was a treat to see him in the middle of his shift like that. Made my day! Tonight, more dinner w/ the fam. I'm going to be totally familied out by the end of this long weekend!


Anonymous jenp said...

I had a good time with you at lunch! You really are one of the friends you keep a lifetime! I am here for you as you are for me. love you!

7:28 PM  

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