Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rock the Vote! I did!

I get so excited about voting! I came home from work today and prepared myself. Cheat sheet: check. Water bottle: check. Snacks for waiting in line: check. Picture ID: check. Soduko for waiting in line: check. And off we went! We showed up at the polling place, and there was not a single person in there! The voting volunteers looked bored stiff and came to life as soon as they saw us come in. I got the feeling that they'd been bored most of the day. What happened? Did people really not vote in this important election?

One of the hardest things about where I work, besides being one of the only women, is the fact that I'm probably the only liberal-type around there. Because I live and work in Mesa (very conservative) and my company has a ton of ex-military guys working there, I'm an oddity. Every year around election time the guys feel the need to 'school' me, like I'm a misguided soul or something. I don't appreciate it. And it pisses me off.

So while voting is exciting and I look forward to doing it, between the guys at my work and the constant barrage of mud-slinging commercials I'm really glad that tomorrow is November 8th.

I'm so glad I joined Fussy's blog for a whole month thing. I was feeling really sad that I'd lost interest in blogging, and having a deadline every day forces me to sit down and think. Today what I've been thinking about is my Aunt Deb in Iraq. She sent a bunch of us a letter today and I'm telling you, it is unreal that people are going through what she's going through. Admittedly she's in a really good area as far as provisions and comforts go, compared to some of our other guys over there. But here's some of the things that hit home what her situation really is:

- She is only allowed to wear either her desert camouflage uniform (DTU) or her PT clothes. No exception. Even if she gets up in the middle of the night for a potty break.
- 3 minute showers. No exception.
- Walking a mile each way to work wearing her Kevlar (an additional 25 pounds)
- No ability to do your own laundry (someone else washes her undies!)
- No free time for TV, no making your own food, no ability to call a loved one when you miss them

I'm thankful every day that there's people out there willing to make a sacrifice. I hope this election gives a change for the better, no matter what direction that be...


Blogger jt said...

"I'm thankful every day that there's people out there willing to make a sacrifice."

I respect the sacrifice people are making, but it really pisses me off that our wrong-headed government has made it necessary. Every time I hear about another lost life, or another regiment being shipped out (or held over), it makes me angrier. We started this thing under false pretenses. It's killed a lot of people on both sides for no GD good reason and needs to be stopped ASAP.

6:08 AM  
Anonymous Janet said...

Your Aunt is really making some serious sacrifices! What an awesome woman!!!

As for those R old men, they're just cranky ;-) You hold onto your beliefs!

10:11 AM  
Anonymous inzane said...

i gotta say, all things considered, those seem pretty benign. what is she doing there? i thought all the troops had access to email and video conferencing daily. hmmm...

grats on defeating the ban on gay marriage and super gratz on taking out JD hayworth! how a sports commentator on a local TV station ever got elected to congress is beyond me.

10:48 AM  
Blogger atpanda said...

And he was a big jerk to boot, so good ridance!

10:51 AM  

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