Thursday, November 30, 2006


Well holy cow, look at me! I made it! 30 days straight of posting, and I actually think it might be possible that I have less readers now. I'm not that interesting in large doses, am I now? :-)

For my final post of NabloIamnotdoingthisshitagainnextyear I thought I'd share with you why I'll never, ever do drugs. For my dentist appt on Monday the dentist had prescribed me Lorazepam. Wait, I should start by saying that I hate taking drugs of any kind. My birth control is a necessary evil, I'll drink gallons of water before submitting to Asprin, and I am firmly anti antibiotics unless its something serious. So for the doc to give me anti-anxiety pills and for the prescription on the outside to read "Take 3 tablets 2 hours prior to appointment", well that just seemed extreme to me. But I took them 'cause he said so, and WOAH was I on another planet. I vaguely remember telling Ryan on the way to the appointment that he had to stop talking because I couldn't pay attention due to all the colors flying past the car window. Ryan jokingly told me (I swear father-in-law medical man, he was totally joking!!) I should take the rest of that Lorazepam on Saturday for the Barenaked Ladies (BNL! WOO HOO!) concert. Um, husband person, after I took that stuff the other day and 3 hours had passed, I know we went to Michael's after the root canal, but I can't for the life of me remember WHICH Michael's we were at, or what we bought there. Then he asked if I remembered Big Lots and Home Depot. Um, no... Don't remember those. And when I got home from said drug-induced adventure, I took a HALF of a Hydrocodone (the prescription says take 1-2) and promptly passed out for 2 whole hours in the middle of the day.

Oh, and yesterday one of the firefighters was over at our house and he said, "Hey! Heard you were pretty f*d up on Monday!" That's right, this girl cannot handle her drugs. (But she CAN handle her alcohol, and don't you think she deserves a glass of pinot to celebrate making it 30 full freaking days of this?)

I wanted to mention (totally unrelated) this website where I found interesting gifts for my family for Christmas (my brother is totally getting the sudoku toilet paper). I hate shopping, so I think I'll just order everything here this year.

OK, that's all for November. Bring on the holidays and my regular non-posting self. Just kidding, I'll try to post more then once a week because I realize I missed it. Thanks for all your kind comments and for sticking with me this month, even when I was at my lowest in terms of creativity with my writing.


Anonymous inzane said...

i just noticed that they picked a 30 day month for napoblmo.


9:54 AM  
Anonymous jenp said...

On that note of you ending your month long blogging hell, I loved reading them. Way to go for you...

Lorazepam, not a good one. good thing you didnt have a glass of wine with that.

Now its my favorite time of year!!1

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Janet said...

Is there a way you can put a feed on your blog? I'm trying to add it to my google reader and it won't let me...boohoo!

7:43 PM  
Blogger African Kelli said...

Look at you go girl! Let's hope you win of the prizes.

8:19 PM  

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