Sunday, November 26, 2006

NaBloPoMo Day 26 (and still going strong!)

Well, today's the last day of my grandma's visit. We did a lot of great things together this week. Last night we went to Zoo Lights at the Phoenix Zoo. Do other zoos do this? From Thanksgiving to New Years the Zoo puts up millions of lights. It is just gorgeous. Some of the lights are set to Christmas songs, and others are displays that look like animals moving doing things. My favorite was the baby elephant shooting water into its mother's eye. The problem with this event is that there are SO many people its impossible to enjoy the lights because you can't stop to look at them without the fear of being trampled by stroller-pushing mothers or run into by children wearing obnoxious blinking light hats. And then there's the folks who bring flashlights in (even though it specifically says not to) and they shine them all around in the poor animals' enclosures. I know all that is balanced with the fact that the money people pay to get in goes toward the animals in the long run, so I think its worth it. If you go though, don't go on a holiday weekend is my advice.

That's my mom and Ryan in the second picture. It was funny to see people using point-and-shoot cameras with the flash to take pictures of the Christmas lights. You know you won't be able to see the lights, right? Anyway, Ryan and I are thinking about going back again when its a little less crowded so we can take our time, sip our hot chocolate, and really enjoy the lights.

For my grandma's last day here I suggested that we go to the Walk for the Animals at Tempe Town Lake. I went once before to this, and it was so much fun. Karma, Mika and I met my mom, dad, grandma, and Shadow down there and we (my mom and I) did the 2k, we looked at all the fun booths, did some raffle stuff, drank yummy gingerbread lattes, but mostly we dog and people watched. There were thousands of people there and almost any dog you can imagine. We even saw an Irish Wolfhound. The only other time I've seen one of those giants was in England walking in the fields with a farmer. Anyway, it was a ton of fun and a GREAT cause. The Arizona Animal Welfare League funds no-kill shelters in the state. And I'm happy to say they adopted out 4 pups today at the walk! I almost brought one home myself but Ryan would have killed me. We donate to them regularly as I feel really strongly about this.

So that's the end of the long weekend for me. Oh wait! I have tomorrow off too! But not for any fun reason. Its root canal day! YAY! Later.

For the few of you insane people who mentioned to me that you wish you'd known about NaBloPoMo, there's a group that's doing it in December. I will not be one of the. But if YOU do it, I'd be glad to READ a post every day. :-)


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