Monday, November 20, 2006

My Toof Hurts - NaBloPoMo Day 20

I've got a dentist phobia. When I have cavities filled just having all those hands and and the bumper things and the gauzy things and the drill and I'm choking on my spit and water and the noise... I start to hyperventilate and more then once I've panicked and reached up to pull all that junk out. My dentist is great and very patient with me, and I do understand that the whole thing is irrational, but nothing I do to calm myself down works.

I've had this sensitive tooth for about 2 years now. Last Friday that tooth turned from sensitive to excruciating. Whenever I ate hot or cold food that tooth ached all the way down into my jaw. So today I visited my dentist and after he did some tests that included tapping, pulling, and applying SUPER cold and super hot to it, he announced, "That tooth is dead". So it turns out that Karma is not the only family member who gets a root canal this month. *pout* Scary!

The good thing is that the dentist gave me some valium-like stuff for the day of, vicadin to take from now until then, and I get a day off work. Woo hoo!

So tell me, have you ever had a root canal? Was it as bad as you thought it would be?


Blogger jt said...

I also am no big fan of the dentist (Mini will vouch). I'm all for application of anesthesia in the parking lot, when I pull in prior to the visit. I've had two root canals and I can honestly tell you that they are MUCH BETTER THAN your current condition. The valium-like stuff will take the edge off the whole deal and they will completely numb the area they'll be working in. I look back on each of those procedures and basically remember them as *relieving* the pain that made them necessary. Worry not.

6:15 AM  
Anonymous Janet said...

I've had a couple root canals, and they're not as painful as you would think, at all!

8:08 AM  
Blogger Angie said...

I've had one and, while the drugs and outcome were both very good, it induced the same panic you describe from the cavity filling. You might see if your dentist will prescribe you something to calm you down to take beforehand. Best of luck!

11:32 AM  

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