Sunday, November 19, 2006

Euro vs. The Middle East And Why the NFL is Dumb

For lunch today my family went to The Euro Cafe in downtown Gilbert. For reference when I'm on my vant a few lines from now, here's a few examples of what's on the menu: Gyros, Mediterranean salad, goat shrimp (with feta), turkey pita, etc. The food here is excellent. Well I wanted a little hummus with my gyro, but it wasn't on the menu in the appetizer section, so I asked our (bitchy) waitress for some, and she snottily informed me that 'this is EUROpean food (hence the name). Hummus is middle eastern'. Um lady, looked at a map lately? Greece could arguably BE in the Middle East, and you're basing your menu on their food, and every other gyro-serving Mediterranean establishment in the US has hummus, so grind up some chick peas and lets go. I wouldn't have felt so hyped about this if she hadn't been so mean, but I went home and looked up 'Greece', 'hummus' and 'pita'.

OK, so TECHNICALLY hummus belongs to the Middle East. But LOOK:

OK, maybe I'm splitting hairs, but Greece is right next to the flipping Middle East! Add to that the fact that EVERY other restaurant that I've been to that bills itself as 'Mediterranean' serves hummus like its a staple, and I can't understand the attitude from this woman. Is it her mission in life to educate the difference between Greece and The Middle East? Um, lady... Greece is one on conquest outcome away from being part of the 'Middle East'. You think food sees borders? I don't know why I'm so worked up about this.

Speaking about being worked up... Ryan and I went to the Cardinals (boo!) game today. The stadium really is gorgeous, and HUGE. The game was exciting and felt mature then the college game yesterday. Does that make sense?

But the NFL? Can suck my non-existent balls. I went throught pat-down area where they only ran their hands down my sides (what? people don't hide weapons in their crotch? Which they TOTALLY DO!). But when I got to the table where they checked my bags they saw my camera. Evidently cameras ARE allowed. Cameras with dettachable lenses, however, are not. Um, what? The reasoning is that it is a 'professional' camera. Do they think I'm going to make money off the pics I take in the stadium? Me versus the guys who are ON THE FIELD with their freaking 5 foot long lenses? So we had to walk a mile back to our car to leave my baby there with the hopes that some moronic thief would hit the Beemer next to my car instead of mine.



Blogger Carmi said...

What a bunch of morons! I can't believe they'd ban these from the stands.

Major League Baseball apparently doesn't have an issue with SLRs: when I was at Seattle's Safeco Field in the summer, I sat in a corporate box with a bunch of fascinating older men who made a point of bringing their SLRs with them just for the heck of it. They weren't pros; rather, just really good amateurs who shot for the love of it.

And their skills made some of the "pros" at field level look like kids. It was a joy to watch them and share stories with them.

I hope I get to go back next year (someone please beg Microsoft for me, k?) so I can bring my own camera to the party.

6:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, food knows no boundaries! That waitress obviously didn't know who she was messin with!

7:09 PM  
Blogger melati said...

Hey! I was at that game!

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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