Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Viva las Hangover!

Well tomorrow we're off to sin city folks. I plan on seeing quite a bit of this:

My liver is aching in anticipation! And so is my wallet. But we're going w/ a couple that we always have a blast with, so whatever happens we know it'll be fun!

I was so inspired by that moon last night (anyone else?!) that I grabbed my camera and headed over to the greenbelt by my house. The thing about photography is that you're reminded daily of the things you don't know how to do. I guess for me, taking pictures of the moon is one of those things. But I did happen to look down and notice this awesome guy:

Great mushroom, huh? Yet another weird thing growing in the desert right now after all the rain.

I'm off to my Reunion Committee meeting here in about a half hour. The charm of being on this committee has worn off a bit. We've got a few strong personalities in the group (mine included, embarassingly) and sometimes things don't go smoothly. Some days I swear I'm going to stop volunteering for things and just wait for our leader lady to give me a menial task to work on. Not only that, but some of us girls put in our own money up front anticipating that we'd be paid back as soon as people register. Well, out of a class of almost 800 students, only 42 people TOTAL have registered, and the due date is this Saturday. Eek! If we don't have at least 100 by then we lose the space we rented. Its very stressful. I just want to show up to the thing, drink, pretend I remember people and act like I don't care when they don't remember me, and go home. OK, not really, but still, this thing is way more stressful then I'd anticipated. And I only went to the first meeting for the free food! *sigh*

Ryan's doing well. His company is still sort of on my list. He loves his job, and he knows he's really lucky to have the job he has, but his company doesn't treat them really well. After over 2 years working with them, he still doesn't have a home station and carts all his belongings all around the Valley like a homeless person. And he's got senority over about 80% of the guys in his position! Add to that the fact that they've already lost at least 15 guys this year from the dept, and the fact that it is common knowledge that his dept is the lowest paying in the Valley, and I just can't imagine why they're not doing SOMETHING to boost morale with the guys. They could do so much for the guys by doing so little. Like more communication about when station bids will be available again, or a party so the families can get to know each other, or a simple system where the guys can reward each other for a job well done. I'm just saying... Not that they have to, but wouldn't they WANT to?

OK, gotta go get my act together for this meeting. And by 'get my act together', I don't mean making sure that I've got all my assignments done for tonight. I mean picking out a cute outfit. Come on! I've got ex-cheerleaders to convince that I'm now cool!


Blogger Kross-Eyed Kitty said...

Have a great time...hope you get lucky!

5:50 AM  
Blogger Adeline said...

Hey that is interesting that the moon was looking as Amazing in Arizon as it was here in Portland. Yeah it was a total Batman moon, hanging on the horizon, all big and orange.

10:59 PM  
Blogger El Güero said...

Have fun and come home with a million bucks!

1:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooh, have fun in Vegas. When we came back in March, the friends we met up with while there were joking that they had ordered their new livers online. LOL! And that is so the way it was, too. We are such drunks in that town.

6:48 AM  
Blogger jennypenny said...

Oh my gosh I have been away too long. I havent visited in forever and it looks like I have missed alot!! You're gone to Vegas huh? I am sooo jealous. I freakin love Vegas. I wanna go soon again. You got a new lens??? Do tell some details. I am right now on the waiting list for my new lens... hmm I wonder if its the same one. Sounds like everything is good there.. I am looking forward to hearing tales of the reunion. Its sounds like its going to be drama-filled which is always good for blog posts. Take care girl!

10:45 PM  
Anonymous kross-eyed kitty said...

That must be some hangover!!! Hope you had a good time...come back soon!

6:49 PM  
Blogger Fitèna said...

One minute, when i read am going to reunion, i thought you were talking about nearby reunin island!!! grrr!!!

Have a great great time and come back with loads of beautiful pictures!!!!


1:52 AM  

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