Wednesday, August 02, 2006


My good girlfriend Kelli wrote this post yesterday that mentioned me. Look, I freak out. About a lot of stuff. In fact, my little phobias are so varied that Ryan's gotten to the point where he totally ignores them all.

I'm claustrophobic. I don't know if phobias are genetic, but if they are I totally got this one from my dad. Elevators are OK as long as they keep moving, but anything smaller then that and I'm a wreck. I had to get an MRI once (knee and ankle) and I figured it would be cool because you don't have to go into the machine all the way for a knee, right? WRONG. They stick you all the way in that sucker. At one point I was so freaked out I started climbing out of that thing and the tech had to start all over. It was a nightmare. If I hide under the bedsheets from the dogs and they jump on the bed to where I can't easily get back out from under the sheets I flip out. I'm a freak.

The flu thing. Oh don't get me started. OK, I'm started. I'm better now, but for a while there I was pretty freaking freaked out about a flu outbreak. I made Ryan go to Costco ('cause I hate crowds, ANOTHER PHOBIA!) for tuna fish and bottled water. And tequila. Because who wouldn't want to be drunk in a flu outbreak?

Fire. Yeah, I said fire. I am so flipping scared of fire that about 50% of the time I have Ryan go back to the house so I can make sure everything is unplugged. (and that's when I'm not making him drive back to make sure that we closed the garage door even though I REMEBER closing it) At night if we've grilled earlier I'll be laying in bed obsessing about whether or not the grill is off. Its a joke now because Ryan KNOWS that I'm going to ask him about it as soon as the lights are off, and he also knows he's going to get up and make sure or no one is getting any sleep. When we were in college our apartment building almost burned to the ground (the building right up next to it was 2 stories engulfed one night). Since then I STILL sometimes wake up thinking I'm hearing the roaring of a huge fire. And my husband is a firefighter. Nice.

I know I've got issues, but I tell Ryan all the time that he needs to understand that 1) I fully know its mental but that doesn't make it easier to deal with and 2) there are people who are WAY worse off then me. I know I'm a freak, but I really do figure that it can't hurt to be extra cautious about things, right? I'm comfortable with my OCD. Can't you be?


Anonymous Amanda Cowan said...

I'm the same way..We have rolls and rolls of plastic sheeting because I wanted to make sure that if there was some kind of chemical terrorist attack that I could feel somewhat prepared (yes..I know.. yeah right).. I also hate spiders. I physically shut down around them. I hate crowds and have missed seeing some of my favorite bands over the years because of it. Disneyland crowds..okay.. Aerosmith crowds..not so much (yeah..lame..I know). I'm also extremely afraid of volcano eruptions and now, living in the Bay area.. earthquakes. And last but not least (and this is really just a shortened list of my phobias) Bird flu.. scared to death. Oh..and I'm scared of actressed who are so thin they LOOK like birds..because you know.. they might have the flu..

9:13 PM  
Anonymous Valerie said...

Hi! So I've been reading your blog for a little while... I find you quite funny, and you've got some good stories (besides the snake thing, but I'm trying to forget about that one).

I found it through Erin's blogroll, I'm a friend of hers. Keep writing!

6:41 PM  
Blogger ChaCha said...

I fully understand where you are coming from, and feel it too

9:58 AM  

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