Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Food depresses me.... because I love it so!

When I was in 6th grade I put deodorant on my forehead. Because foreheads sweat. Right?

Don't know what made me think of that today other than I've been working out really hard in the gym lately. I could use deodorant for my whole body.

I'm feeling very anti my body right now. Like for real. And I'm fully aware of the fact that it is ridiculous because I'm not overweight. I've said that before, right? But I can very easily see why those actresses are all rail thin. I really do feel bad for them. People say I look like Kate Bosworth (yay me for dating Orlando Bloom!) and I have to admit a few years ago when I'd see her in movies even I thought there was some similarity there. But lately? Scary. She's so scary thin that it just makes me feel sad for her. What happened to that girl who looked awesome and curvy in her bikini for Blue Crush? Now she looks like a bobblehead. LOOK!

(by the way, i REALLY don't like her in this pic)

Ha! I totally went looking for a skinny pic of her, and look at the 'Before' picture they've got of her. That's her Blue Crush body right there. WHAT HAPPENED?! Why is this happening? Are we, the Star-loving public expecting this? Are clothes getting smaller so we are? Are health standards changing? Whatever it is, its disgusting.

So why is it so easy for me to say that, yet here I am on a diet. A DIET. Why can't I just realize that I'm normal and normal people don't look like those skinny stars? But still, I diet and work out like a fiend. I hate hating food.


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