Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Series of Unfortunate Events

For the past few days I've been in Flagstaff talking to high school girls about being an engineer (DON'T DO IT!). My work (I love you company!) actually paid for my trip up there, and I adore Flagstaff so I've been looking forward to this for weeks. Oh, and Ryan's 5-day coincided with the trip, so he and the dogs came along too! All the makings for a perfect get-away from the 116 temp in Phx. (And for all you people who live in places with 'record' heat in the 'deep 90s', I have this to say: TRY 116 DURING MONSOON SEASON!)

The thing that makes Flagstaff so wonderful is not just the great weather and the beautiful forest; its the people! If you walk around downtown strangers will chat with you. They'll pet your dogs and instead of giving you directions they'll show you where it is you want to go. Flagstaff people are the best. Or so we thought.

The bad stuff started happening as soon as we got up there. I took the puppies up to the hotel room and Karma immediately peed all over the room. Nice. Then Ryan and I get ready for a ride (of course we had to bring our mountain bikes to take advantage of the awesome trails and the gorgeous weather!). Well, while getting ready, I knocked my hand against my handlebars and managed to knock a freaking diamond out of my wedding ring. We never found it. So on we go with the ride... Well my brakes weren't working, so we stopped to work on my bike. We were on a main road, and while we're standing there a car full of punk kids fully SPIT on me as they drove by. They spit. on. me. We rode around South Flagstaff for about an hour looking for that car. I had the police number already keyed in ready to push 'send'. I was going to press assault charges. But we never found them.

Last night we went out with Craig, Ryan's old roommate. We went to a place called Flag Brewing company, had a few drinks, and caught up. After we heard all about Craig's new successful business, he asked Ryan about his job. Ryan loves his job, but he's not a bragger. He just answered Craig's questions, and it really is obvious that he's proud of his profession and the work they do. Well.... while they're talking, I notice this 50ish guy basically leaning over Craig's shoulder not even trying to hide that he's listening. He looked like he wanted to be included in the conversation and I started to feel sorry for this lonely looking guy. But then things went bad. Really, really bad.

From what I can tell, the guy was in about 10 drinks deeper than I was (which is saying something). Out of nowhere he starts to go off on Ryan. Physically leaning in to the conversation and telling my Ryan that he needed his ego deflated. That he was sick of firefighters and their attitudes when all they did was get paid to go grocery shopping (so they shouldn't eat their entire 24-hr shift?), get paid to workout (um, Ryan doesn't get to workout on shift), and that they got to eat their meals for free on the taxpayers' dime (a HUGE misconception about ffs. I can gaurantee that Ryan pays for every single piece of food that goes in his mouth). But that wasn't enough! Even though Ryan and Craig were trying to just deflect what he was saying in a nice way, and trying to ignore him, he just kept digging! Well I (and my beers) had had enough. And I told him off. Loudly. Accused him of trying to pick a fight, told him to shut the f up, and you can guess how that all escalated... Eventually the bartender had to kick him out, almost forceably.

OK, I know that he wanted to get a rise out of someone, and he did just that. We were shaken up the whole rest of the night, and my poor Ryan, who wouldn't DREAM of being egotistical about what he does, spent the rest of the night asking me if he was egotistical like the guy said. The whole thing just makes me so mad.

The rest of the night was kind of ruined, but we tried to make the most of it. It just was kind of a shock to realize that Flagstaff is just like every other place: full of assholes.

Also, t-minus 5 and a half hours until my birthday. Don't forget prettily wrapped presents and lots of chocolate and flowers!


Anonymous Amanda Cowan said...

Oh man. Every time you talk about Karma..I have to stop for a second and remember that Karma is a dog, and your name is NOT EARL. Happy Birthday! It's 12:04a.m (I'm doing laundry..woo). You're 28?? yay! Here's to lots of chocolate and flowers and something really wonderful from Ryan.

12:09 AM  
Anonymous netchick said...

Sorry to hear your adventure wasn't as nice as you'd hoped. That totally sucks.

Have an incredible birthday!!!

6:59 AM  
Blogger El G├╝ero said...

Some of my favorite places in the world have a few as*holes in them, just waiting in ambush to make me hate the place I want to love forever. I refuse to let them win!

Happy very soon to be birthday!

9:48 PM  
Blogger M said...

Good for you! The only thing I think you messed up is NOT kicking him in the nuts.
As far as being an engineer, I say do it, but run far and wide from big companies. Or companies in general. Yeah, just go into business for yourself. Then, on days like today, you could be at the stupid beach and not at the stupid airport.

8:18 AM  
Blogger Kross-Eyed Kitty said...

I have been a terrible blog-friend lately! Happy Belated Birthday!!!
I do hope that you got lots and lots of prettily-wrapped gifts.

And it seems like there are plenty of idiot people all over the world. My bro's gf fits into that category very well.

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Sorry your trip wasn't all you had hoped. Punk kids are everywhere, even in my dinky little town there are kids who really need a class in socially accepted behavior.

I loved Flagstaff except for the snow, but that is what we get for going in March.

And we stopped at this one bar/restaurant and I ordered a LaBatt's. The waitress almost seemed insulted I ordered that instead of Bud Light. She even said, kinda snotty, "Man, you like those Canadian beers?"

If I was quick-witted, like P, I would have said, "Ya eh! Gotta have da home brew dere, ya!"

So yes, there are assholes everywhere.

8:48 PM  

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