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..... But I swear we're almost done. I'm going to do Key West all in one shot here. I've got tons of other stuff to talk about and I feel like the vacation reporting is totally getting in the way. And I've got to tell you, going through 300+ pictures and finding a few that are worthwhile for posting is totally exhausting. I just had to do a final for my photo class that consisted of, among other things, reading an article about how digital photography has ruined picture taking because people take hundreds of mediocre pictures and save them all, good or not. I sure hope I'm not one of those people....

Anyway, back to Key West. Ahhhh, Key West. Land of the humidity and no air conditioning. But I get ahead of myself.

So we drove from the lovely (ha!) Florida City down Highway 1 through the Keys. We'd heard how gorgeous a drive these 160 miles was and were really looking forward to it. And like all things you've been told are 'amazing', we were set up for disappointment. It doesn't look like Hawaii or a tropical island of any sort. It looks like... well, it looks like mediocre towns surrounded by admittedly beautiful water. But that's it. We were glad to finally get to Key West at the very bottom.

Then we got out of the car. I am an Arizona girl through and through, so when the humidity is over 10%.... ohhhhh. And every day in Key West is about 90% humidity. We started sweating and never stopped. And honestly, Key West is just one big bar. So if you're looking to get drunk and stumble around a lot, Key West is for you. And we? Were looking to get drunk and stumble around a lot. And we wasted no time.

Again.... getting ahead of myself. First, here's our hotel. The La Te Da. We had the Luxury King room, which is the two windows on the right of the picture. We were right on Duval Street, and yes that is a bar right under our room. Which had no air conditioning.

Nice place, but we almost died in the room and two Coronas at the bar cost $11.50. Yikes. OK, so we drank elsewhere. Here we are drinking:

Um, yeah, that was before the hangover. Ohmygod, the hangover.... OK, so what else besides drinking? The first full day we were there we did an all day 'party cruise'. We went out on a catamaran and spent the day snorkeling a shipwreck, waterskiing, kayaking (where we saw a HUGE manta ray in the water!!!), wind surfing, jetskiing, and on the banana boat. Seriously so fun. It was $99 a person for 6 hours of sun and fun water stuff. Here's some pics from that:

On the way back to the dock, someone had to take the two jetskiis back. Out of the 30 people on the boat, I think the crew liked us best because they asked us to take them back. Seriously, I think I need one. We had SO MUCH FUN. Then they took us back to the big boat, tapped the keg, and it was on. I'm never.drinking.again. Ohhhhh.

More random Key West pics (including a nice shot from a random parade down Duval and our very first drag show, which, by the way, was at our hotel!):

Every night at sunset on Key West there is a big party on the West end of Duval. And it seems that the Conchs (that's what the locals call themselves) always have a parade or some crazy theme party going on. I'm not kidding, there really is not much to do in Key West but, um, drink. You can drink walking down the street. It is nuts, and there's drunk people everywhere. Which is why, on our third day, poor Ryan had to work. This idiot was drunk on his moped and SLAMMED into the side of a car right in front of us. I've never been so close to an accident before. We were standing about 10 feet from the accident when it happened, and my Ryan jumped into action. Here he is right before we got to make friends with the Key West fire department:

Speaking of the fire department.... Ryan is really good about not wearing his fire shirts when he's drinking. Its just not encouraged, you know? But Key West realy seems to be a firefighter destination. There were guys wearing fire shirts EVERYWHERE. We made friends with a bunch of people who were ff's from diff places all over the US, and the Key West FD was actually drunk as skunks in the same parade as that lovely lady with the legs above.

So anyway.... Key West was fun, and it gave us an opportunity to let loose on our vacation a little bit w/out offending my relatives, but after 3 days we were DONE. Seriously, there's only so much drinking at $50 meals a couple can take. Oh, and no sleep. Did I mention our hotel room had NO a/c, there were 2 bars and a drag show on site, and our room was right on Duval so the drunk people had us awake until 3am every night? Oh, and if you start getting a cold, it really is not a good idea to sleep under a wet towel, no matter how hot you are. I was so sick the last 3 days of the vacation.

Next post expect booze cruise, dead body exhibit, and family revelations.


Blogger jennypenny said...

Nothing better than fun drunken nights. Especially far away from home. The photos look great. I especially like the sunset one! And thanks for the vacation ideas. Key west with hot drunken firefighters is definitely where i want to be :P

8:39 PM  
Blogger Maggie said...

I luv the keys when it's off season it's really great the beach to yourself.
Via Michele

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Kross-eyed Kitty said...

i've always wanted to go to Key West! Thanks for the pics. (And, it's not a vacation without a hangover!)

11:10 PM  
Blogger Fitèna said...

This was a real trip! And right here at my desk! Thanks!


1:14 AM  
Blogger J. Star said...

Lol, now I'm totally intrigued by the dead body exhibit.

Your vacation sounds awesome. Your pics are awesome too. I am unspeakably jealous :) But not of the no A/C and the sick part.

Is Ryan all better, at least?

7:02 AM  
Blogger African Kelli said...

Look at Ryan holding that guy's neck! I wonder if that kind of reaction becomes instinct for those guys?

2:07 PM  
Anonymous inzane said...

is that a tranny barbara streisand impersonator?

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Jenp said...

I am gonna come over and you can tell me all about your trip over a a 12 pack of Corona's ....

5:05 PM  
Blogger Sangroncito said...

I can't believe I've never been to Key West. Now I must go after reading this!

5:03 PM  

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