Monday, March 27, 2006

Blog Party! You're Invited!

Last night I dreamt about blogging. Should I be concerned about that? I was at a party and most of my Daily Reads were there. I don't know any of these people in real life, and for the most part I don't even know what they look like. But there we all were. With nothing to talk about. Eating Thanksgiving dinner and painfully trying to come up with something other than blogging to talk about. What do you think that means? Who would be at your blog party?

I'm having a really hard time concentrating on serious things lately. My new job start date has been moved up to April 20th (insert pot joke here). Its really hard to keep working in a job I don't love for a boss I hate when that day is floating out there. And right beyond that day... The Florida Keys!

Other than that, my life has been totally changed in the last 3 days. I am now the proud owner of Sirius satellite radio. Which means I now dread mornings when traffic is moving too fast. I'm totally obsessed. Ryan may make fun about how the radio has now taken over the house, but hey! At least the TV's off! How did I live without my Satellite before? 180 channels of bliss. I can listen to anything from Kelly Clarkson (as if I would!) to Larry the Cable Guy, to Miles Davis, to Martha Stewart, to the Eagles. I'm amazed by how many East Coast people wrote me that Satellite hasn't really caught on out there. But just this once I didn't want to be teh last person with the technology. (Ryan and I didn't get a DVD player until my brother gave us one 3 years ago!)

I'm sitting in photography class. Oh come on! Its not like there's anything to actually pay attention to! It's quarter til 9 at night and we haven't really started class yet. We were supposed to start at 7:10. Nothing new there.

Thank you everyone for visiting me at my blog-warming party yesterday! Cheers to many more posts!


Blogger Kross-Eyed Kitty said...

Its 5:15 am and I can't sleep...but here I am, blogging! I would definitely invite you over to my place for a blog party. You could bring your nifty satellite radio and introduce it to this part of the world (I don't konw anyone else who has one!)

2:18 AM  
Anonymous Min said...

Dude, i LOVE kelly clarkson! come on, you know you like her.

9:31 AM  
Blogger suleyman said...

I know two people who have sat. radio in their cars and I live on the east coast. I'm not too impressed with it. It's still the radio, which means me being forced to listen to what other people play.


11:32 AM  
Blogger The Great Saphenous said...

Blogging dreams? That is so three months ago for me. Just wait until you start using blogging as an excuse for everything.

I wish I had satellite radio. We get about three regular stations clearly in Prescott, and two of them are country.

2:47 PM  
Anonymous Rebilou said...

Oh sirius how I love the. It is the best. I think of it as a good obsession.

6:43 PM  

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